Monday, July 15, 2013

County Fair Fun

My husband has lived on a dairy farm all of his life (Minus the 3 years we were away in college).  We got married and moved to his family's farm and eventually built our house here. We have milked registered Jersey cows all of his life, and until last September, all of my boys' lives. We made the decision as a family to sell the milking herd and keep only feeder calves, some heifers and our good show string at a friend's farm. It's been a big adjustment but a good transition overall.  Even though Rex and I have never made our living from the farm (we are both teachers) we have been an active part of the daily operation. I can't imagine raising my kids in any other way than here on the farm.

Now it's fair week at our little county fair. Lots of work, it's really hot and humid, but it's also a lot of fun for us. We see folks we haven't seen since the year before and the boys bond with other kids in the area. We are one of only 3 families this year in the barn. The strangest part of this year is that None of us milk for a living anymore.  I can honestly say I do not miss 6am in the barn on a hot sticky day like today. 

We are also the only family with Jersey cows. Little, sweet, brown cows with good dispositions & awesome butterfat content in their milk. It makes the best ice cream! My boys end up competing against one another and that does not always equal the best post-show situation. Jordan won 2 out of 3 today. He won Sr Champion and Sr Showman, Trent won Jr Champion and Jr Showman. They had fun despite any disappointment (mostly Trent, the little brother) and now we are just having fun the rest of the day. 

Despite the work and complaints by the adults, it's about the kids learning responsibility, dedication & the value of hard work. We'll keep working for a few more weeks until state fair time and then hang up the haters and lead straps for next spring and do it all again. 

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