Wednesday, January 15, 2014

24 Day Challenge Results

How about Challenge results on Wednesday?  Seems Monday got away from me.  And maybe Tuesday too… Tis the life of a working mom I suppose.  So here we go.

I started the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge exactly a month ago, December 15.  I chose to start before Christmas because I wanted a way to keep myself more accountable through the holiday and not just eat a bunch of crap and drink my weight in wine & beer-itas.  I should preface this by saying I did not go totally clean and cut all sugar and bread/processed crap or wine & beer-itas, except for the first 10 days.  I was pretty good those 10 days.  I found I didn't really want that other stuff after my body detoxed a bit.    I didn't prohibit myself on Christmas Day or New Year's Eve. I ate my veggies, fruit and protein first, then ate the sweet stuff.  I was already full so I didn't eat much.  I found myself more satisfied in general.

The next 14 days went well too.  The only time I felt like I was really hungry was last week when I went back to work.  I had gotten really used to eating later in the morning over break. I ate 4 smaller meals and didn't have to inhale lunch (like at work).  I feel so much better when I can just sit and enjoy my food.  Sidebar--There are 2 things you learn really quickly to not wet yourself because you can't get to the restroom very often- and then you have about 3.2 seconds to get your business done- and eating lunch in 20 minutes or less.  Sure they say a duty-free 30 minute lunch period.  We all know that means after you get your kids out of your room and to lunch and then get back before they get to your room and start throwing chairs out the window and starting a fire in the center of the room.  Teachers, you know what I mean.

My results overall: 
I lost 5 pounds total.  Not fantastic but not bad considering I didn't exercise regularly until the last 8 days.  If I could go back I would change that aspect.  I don't have a good reason for not working out.  I just didn't want to.  Lame.

BIG result (to me) I lost 1.5 inches from my waist, an inch from my hips, .5 inch from my thighs,  and .5 inch from my bust.  That in itself was a big deal for me.  My pants fit without that little bit of bloated belly hanging over my waistband and the cups no longer runneth over.  Hallelujah! That's a great thing.  My pants were getting pretty uncomfortable and I refuse to buy bigger ones just because I'm too lazy to try to do something about it. My bloat is gone.  That's something I struggle with often.  Not anymore! Boom!

The biggest deal for me has been my energy level.  I get up in the morning around 5:30-5:45.  I'm awake when I get up.  No longer do I reach for the coffee first thing.  I was drinking 4 cups of coffee in the morning to get going and then drinking heavily caffeinated tea throughout the day.  I love a hot drink on cold days. I have had coffee once since starting the challenge and have only had non-caffinated teas.  I LOVE my Spark!  I usually only have one a day- first thing in the morning.  On game days I may have another in the afternoon, but not to keep me awake like I did with coffee.  I use it to stay focused and just that little boost of alertness.  I feel so clear headed.  I have the energy and the drive to keep going all day long and get that workout in at 9pm.  I feel more driven and alert than I have in years.  It's been a long while since I've felt like this Alison.  This is the Alison I like most.  This is the Alison I want to keep around. 

I know it's not all AdvoCare that has caused the changes I've seen.  It's a combination of quality food, cleaning out my gut, exercise, and the vitamin mix in the AdvoCare products (Spark & MNS Support). There's a good mix of B vitamins that my body seems to crave in order to stay stable.  

Where do I go from here? First, I'm sharing my story with others!  I'll be trying out the performance products once I've met my weight loss goal (5 more pounds or a couple of inches from waist/hips/butt). 

The 24 Day Challenge packs are on sale a few more days ($175 until January 21).  It comes with everything you need for 24 days of success; eating plan, fiber drink, MNS packs, supplements, and Spark.  I've been sharing Spark with everyone too.  I love the stuff!  Let me know if your interested in products or click the link above my About Me picture to go directly to my site.  I'd love to get a challenge group started in the next week.  Come join me!

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