Thursday, January 2, 2014

End Table Project

My favorite finished project of 2013 is a cute little pair of mahogany end tables.  They are in great shape and I picked them up at auction pretty inexpensively.  They were gorgeous before I painted them.  I know my grandmother is rolling in her grave right now because {gasp}I painted mahogany.  My reasoning you ask? We have a lot of varying shades of wood in our house.  Even though these little beauties were perfect after a good cleaning, I just couldn't add another shade of wood to my bedroom.  I have a pair of quarter sawn tiger oak dressers and we picked up a maple mantle a two years ago at a little antique shop in town.  And there is our monster cherry stained oak sleigh bed, which despite being beautiful, I'd like to replace with something a simpler and more understated.  That being said, one could certainly understand why I would paint these little gems before adding to all of that!

I sanded them with some medium grit sandpaper, just enough to take the slick finish off the surface.  Then I painted them with an off white chalk paint.  I have been playing with chalk paint quite a bit the last 6 months and mix my own using non-sanded grout and water.  I scored a gallon of Clark & Kenzington paint for $5 this summer on the "Oops Shelf" at my local hardware store.  That's about a $50 savings.  Score! I love Clark & Kenzington for walls but had never used for furniture or surfaces.  Since it has primer already in the paint I surmised it would keep me from having to paint them multiple times for good coverage.  Since I was going for the distressed look, I was slightly afraid it would cover better than I wanted it to.  Turns out I didn't need to be worried at all.  It went on easily and kind of looked like a dry brush technique, which I love.  Once dry, I sanded the edges to antique them a bit.  I dusted them and then topped the paint with a dark gel stain on the top, the drawer front, and along the little detailing pieces.  I'd never used gel stain before and I will certainly use it again.  It's a little pricey (I paid $8 for a tiny little tin) but a little goes a LONG way. It glides on smoothly with a soft rag.  You can easily build the color with additional layers and it dries super quick!  I was impressed.  Once that dried 24 hours I topped them with a coat of polyurethane. I think they turned out pretty cute and make a nice, functional accent to our bedroom.


Total spent for this project was under $60. 
Total time spent working on them was around 3 hours.  The most time was spent sanding and cleaning.  

End Tables: $40
Paint $5
Gel Stain: $8
Grout: already had from previous projects
Ploy: already had from previous projects
Sand paper: already had from previous projects
Total Spent: $53

I'm looking forward to working with furniture refinishing more in the future.  I had fun with this one.  I'm learning as I go, watching YouTube tutorials and keeping an eye on my fave re-designers like Miss Mustard Seed.  She always has such great ideas.  I love finding new inspiration and letting my creativity go wild with ideas!

Tune in next week for a sneak peek at my latest sewing project.  I'd better go get started!


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