Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Have You Heard of AdvoCare?

My AdvoCare story begins with a Spark.  I ordered CorePlex, a vitamin supplement, for Jordan because he's 13 and not a great breakfast eater.  He eats a lot but doesn't always choose the best foods.  He's 13.  He eats school lunch, sugar, junk food, and he expends A LOT of calories each day just growing let alone 2 hours of basketball practice each day.  He was grouchy, tired, and pale.  At the recommendation of a friend whose daughter is a high school athlete and star student, I ordered some CorePlex.  Along with that purchase I also got a box of Spark (vitamin infused energy drink mix) for myself.  And the rest is history.  I'm hooked and so are my boys!

Watermelon Spark- Yummy!

I love the focus and energy I get from Spark.  I have given up coffee altogether.  I do enjoy a warm drink in the morning and so I warm my water and add Spark.  It's so good!  It keeps me from hitting that mid-day slump.  I stay more focused on tasks I need to complete and I find myself less distracted.  I'm better about writing things down for later and not letting it distract me from what I'm doing at that time.  I don't know if it's the Spark, the other vitamins I'm taking, or the fact I've really cleaned up my diet in the last 2 months, or perhaps a combination of all of them.  I cannot believe the difference in how I feel.  Jordan drinks Spark before practice for extra focus and energy and takes his CorePlex after supper before bed.  Trent drinks it before leaving for school, mostly because he idolizes his brother, but he also says he can concentrate better in his morning classes.  Perhaps we are all a little ADD. Perhaps we were vitamin deficient. Whatever it is, we are sold! We feel UH-MAZE-ING!

Wanna try a Spark? Email me at with your name, flavor you'd like to try (mango strawberry, watermelon, orange, pink lemonade, or grape) and address and I'll send you a pack to try!

Did you make a weight loss resolution?  Get yourself on the right track with the 24 Day Challenge. Visit my AdvoCare site and check out the Challenge Pack options.  Feel free to email me with any questions.

I'm excited about sharing these products with everyone!  Everyone deserves to feel and look great and I believe AdvoCare can help people achieve those health goals.  Here's to 2014 being great!

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