Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How Ya Doing?

We're at home again today, facing the reality that we will return to a "normal" routine tomorrow and Friday. Quite honestly I'll be glad for some normalcy.  I don't watch a lot of TV, save for college basketball and a few prime time shows; I simply don't have time to watch.  To say I've indulged in the pleasures of the brainless-tube these last 4 days is an understatement.  While folding laundry and listening to one of the national morning news shows this morning, I overheard a piece about the newest social craze: " The bikini bridge".  For real?  Are we that shallow as a society to go there? The "thigh gap" wasn't enough?  Why can't we focus on being healthy and feeding our bodies good food to make us stronger instead of thinner?  Yes, I would like to shed a few pounds.  More than that I want to be strong.  I like how strong feels.  I like how strong looks.  I don't want to be thin just for the sake of being thin.  Give me muscles and the ability to do a pull-up.  Health is a constant work in progress.  One that I continue to work at daily.  Do I work out everyday?  Heck no!  Do I eat salad for lunch every day? Definitely not.  Do I strive to eat more healthy foods than unhealthy? Each and every day.  Do I encourage those around me to eat and live healthy?  Absolutely! 

That being said, we are entering into week 2 of 2014.  How are your healthy resolutions going?  It's been a piece of cake being home with nowhere to go. Tomorrow will be a different story.  Tomorrow is back to school, meetings, practices and a ball game, and 9pm workouts. How about all of you?   Do you need some accountability?  I know I could use some help.  They say it takes 21 times of doing something to make it a habit.  We are 8 days in.  There are 23 days left of January, 24 if you count today.  I smell a challenge.  If you would like some accountability partners just email me.  The person who completes their workout (20+ minutes each day) for the remainder of the month will be eligible to win a box of Spark in the flavor of their choice.  Need some help with variety in your workouts? I will share resources :)   Email me at alison(dot)reinholt(at)gmail(dot)com.  Let's be healthy! 

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