Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday Ramblings

We finally went back to school today after 6 days off.  I have not attempted to travel outside of the comfort of my house since Saturday, and even then it was just to my in-laws next door and I walked there.  Good thing I didn't attempt to go anywhere. Some of the drifts are spectacular! The drift down the road from my house is almost 7 ft tall and there are a few others along my route that are taller than that. Now the weather folks are predicting 6-8 inches more starting tomorrow night and into Friday. Heaven help me. I'd better hit the craft store for batting and more yarn. 

My dad and I were talking today about how much we have enjoyed just being home with no impending deadlines or concrete to do lists; just the little projects we never take time to do because there's always so many other things going on.  My house is clean (again.. Or still.. Not sure which), freezer stocked with fresh batches of chicken stock, I finished a quilt top I've been working on for about 3 years (no exaggeration- it's really taken that long), taught myself to knit, had my car serviced, made an impulsive decision to get my hair cut, worked out with my oldest after his practice Friday, played board games, had a pool tournament, cleaned out a few stacks of stuff in the basement, and ironed dress shirts. I feel like I should have been able to get more completed in 6 days but as I read that list I feel like that's kind of an impressive list. I'll take it. 

As much as my kids and dog annoyed the living day lights out of me at times, we spent a lot lf good quality time together. My oldest is in the stage where he hybermates in his room every minute he isn't eating or showering. He actually spent time with us in the same room! He has such a kind, warm heart, and a great sense of humor.  Should we end up with more days off I sure we will have fun again, filling the time with laughter, fighting over blankets, popping popcorn for movies, and marshmallow fights before the cocoa is ready.  I'm the luckiest mom in the world to have been blessed with my boys.  Bring on the snow days. I'm freezing this time in my memory banks while I have the chance. 

How could you not love these two faces? I melt. 

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