Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snow Day #3

We're on day 3 of Polar Vortex here in Northern Indiana.  It's still 40 below 0 and windy and the likelihood of going to work tomorrow is looking slim.  As it stands right now, ain't nobody getting down my road until the wind lays, let alone my car.  Our best entertainment all day has been watching people try to get through the 5ft drifts on our road.  The crazy thing is you can't even tell where they went through an hour ago.  It's sunny and beautiful when you look outside; so deceiving. You step out the door and it takes your breath away. Brrrrr.  We attempted to let the dog out and she just looked at us like we were crazy.  Give me sunny & hot any day of the week.  I rarely complain about heat, even the humidity.  Give me some ice water, a lake shore/pool/ocean, & a good book and I'm a happy girl.

As for keeping warm in the midst of Polar Vortex, I snuggle on the couch with my boys and watch movies, play games, cook- because I am they are always hungry- and will pop in a workout or hop on the treadmill to get good and warm.  The cold is helping me stay on top of my fitness goals for the simple fact it keeps me warm! Maybe I shouldn't complain about the cold after all.  I am looking forward to the routine of a workweek, practices, and ball games.  Even though the last two and a half weeks have flown by, it feels like forever since we've had a "normal" week.
Where's the hill? 

School has been cancelled again for tomorrow. Guess I'll work on my quilt and plan lessons tomorrow...  Stop back tomorrow for the finished quilt top.

Starting to get cold- Time to hop on the treadmill.  What are you doing while snowed in?

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