Monday, January 27, 2014

The Grammy's

Let's be petty and judgmental for a moment shall we?  Er, I mean let's talk about the Grammy's.  Same thing, right?

The award show of all award shows for me is the Grammy's.  I love music of all genres and I love the fashion train wreck that typically besieges award shows.  I'll admit it: Yes, I am green with envy of people who can sing, especially those who can professionally. Of all the gifts I've been blessed with singing isn't one of them.  Sure I'm a decent enough singer for church on Sunday when you compare me to the tone deaf, 75 year old guy behind us who also has no timing or rhythm.  Voice is one of those skills you can't just improve like fitness or sewing or gardening.  You can't just watch some YouTube tutorials or read some books about it to improve strategy and form.  Even working with a trainer doesn't fix it; You have to already have the talent and then work on it to hone and perfect it.  I'll just keep being a rockstar in my car and in my head when I'm on the treadmill.  

Overall I felt that the dresses were beautiful.  So many gold, silver, and neutral colors and beautiful curve hugging dresses.   Even Katy Perry's music note ensemble wasn't crazy over the top for me.  It suited her and fit her perfectly.  Julia Roberts dress was just blah to me. I mean, she was introducing the Beatles and Sir Paul! Jazz it up a little bit.  Maybe it was her hair and plain makeup.  It just didn't work for me. Even with those spectacular legs! Wowaza!

The red carpet was tame.  The real excitement came during the show and the performances.  I find it comical how many performers have no idea what to do or how to dance without a choreographer… I mean, could Lorde or Taylor Swift (the girl with her) have been any more awkward? And WHY do the cameras insist on showing Taylor during all the performances?  Well, all but Metallica.  My husband is not a fan of hers therefore we missed the infamous orgasmic, back arching, hair whipping scene at the piano.  I did see some great Vines after the fact (thank you social media).  I'm a little disappointed we missed it.  She will have to write another hit song shaming all of us for wondering what the heck she was doing (barf). 

Smokey the Bear and the Quaker Oats man called.  They want their hats back.  I don't know what to say about these.  It was cute that Madonna and her son came dressed alike.  I really liked that, sans cane.  That just made me feel old and kinda dirty.  Like she was some kind of pimp.  Strange.  I'll stop there.  I'm grossed out just thinking about it. (insert shiver here)

Favorite Performances- Kendrick Lamar with Imagine Dragons and Metallica with Lang Lang
WOW is the word for both of these performances.  I love when two things that are seemingly so different meld together into something so right and wonderful.  Amazing!

Surprising Award Winner: Kacey Musgrave.  Her dress was terrible.  Too many lights and was it just me or did her skirt look kind of like a big puffy sombrero? IDK, it wasn't my style.  It was a shocker though, being up against some heavy hitters like Blake Shelton.  It was incredibly unfair to put her on after a big act that wowed the audience.  Unfortunate for her.  Maybe that's what the strange costumes were about- some kind of wow factor that people would remember and talk about.  

Final Take:  The music was pretty good overall.  John Legend can sing to me any time.  His performance got lost in the shuffle though.  I kind of forgot about him {gasp} until I was searching for pictures.  

Country was not well represented overall.  Keith Urban rocked, as usual, and Kacey was good, albeit oddly placed in the  performance lineup.  The Highwaymen need to go away.  Blake was critical in making them relevant to the time and place, and Merle is a legend.  The whole act was just odd and I'm saying that as a country fan. 

I was under the impression the Grammy's was an awards show… It seemed as though they hardly presented any awards.  The first hour went by with only 2 awards being given.  Cut the last act and maybe another in the middle (I vote Taylor out) squeeze in some awards and end at 11 when my attention span is done.  I had trouble sticking with it past Metallica.  That would have been a perfect show ending in my opinion. 

I know I'm leaving some things out.  Like I said.  My attention span only goes so far and my bed time is normally 10:30.  The fact I made it through the whole thing is quite a feat.  

Another cold day is expected tomorrow which will likely affect my disposition into sharing further snarky commentary.  Stay warm, friends.

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