Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Half Marathon Training

Hello from Siberia, I mean Northern Indiana! This morning was a brisk -25 when I left for work. When I left school this afternoon is was 12 above and sunny. Almost warm even! We have missed enough days now that there is talk of using spring break as make up days. Yeah, it's that bad. I'm hoping the Farmer's Almanac is wrong and we miss out on the other snow storm predicted later this month. The Almanac has been on the money so far.  Call me a Country Girl- that book is usually right. 

As I was reviewing my calendar yesterday I realized I am just 12 weeks away from the Half Marathon I'm signed up for!  That doesn't seem so far away all of the sudden. I admit my training has been less than diligent over the last 2 weeks. I've run 3 times total before last night. Not good. Tonight's run went well and it was a relief! The time flew and I managed to maintain a solid pace and get my 3 miles done in 34 minutes. 

Food prep has been lacking as well. We have been managing pretty well. I stocked up on frozen and fresh veggies and I'll throw it with some meat, either lean home-grown beef or chicken and some seasonings for lunches.  It's worked but not as well as when I really plan and get things around on the weekend. I need to get it together before travel ball starts. I lose my Sunday afternoons when that begins. 

I have to send in my pacing stats this weekend. My goal is to run in 2:30 or less. I'm really nervous about that. My first half I only trained for 6 weeks and finished in 2:50. Not terrible, but not great. I want to do this in 2.5 hours. I have 11 more weeks. I need to have confidence and get after it. My new tag is going to be #PrayPlanTrain Praying that I can turn over my apprehensions, plan workouts and nutrition, & train my heart out so I'm ready to crush my goal. I'm more likely to complete it of I write it down, right? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Ha! 

Reinholt out. 

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