Monday, February 17, 2014

Is Winter Over Yet?

Winter can leave now. I'm officially done with it. With my new job this year it became clear very quickly that driving a Tahoe 50+ miles a day mostly alone was a BIG hit to my wallet. Fueling up twice a week was getting costly. So I traded for a sporty little Malibu Eco. It's red, it's cute, it's little, and very fuel efficient. The thing sips gas and it's really been ok on all the snow and ice. I prefer front wheel drive over rear drive of the Tahoe. It just feels more stable. I took J, my dad, and father in law to the IU basketball game last week and although it was a bit cramped for the long legged people (which is all of us) no one complained that much. Except Jordan. And then I looked down the fuel economy.  It's only a 3 hour drive. Kiss those knees, boys. 40 mpg doesn't suck. 

I have missed the four wheel drive from time to time but it hasn't been an issue despite all of the snowpocolypse crap we've been experiencing. Until today. I've been watching the weather. I knew they were forecasting a few inches of snow. Whatev. I was feeling feisty this morning and pulled on a sweater dress, leggings and pointy, 2-inch heeled boots- mistake number 1. 

My father in law called me at lunch to tell me our road was drifting and to call him when I left school so he could have the road cleared for me. He called at three when I was packing up to leave when the bell rang and encouraged me to "get my ass home" and call if I needed him to make a path ahead of me with the truck.  Mistake number 2 for not listening to him at lunch and leaving then. He's gruff, but the man loves me so I go with it. If he didn't care he wouldn't tell me what to do. Make sense? 

Anyway, I took an extra long way home on state roads and backtracked the last three miles to our road. I turned down our road and instantly knew I was in trouble.   Snow was blowing over my windshield and hood faster than my wipers could clear. The wind was blowing loose snow along with the snow I was kicking up and made it utterly impossible to see.  I managed to make it about 1/3 of the way home before blindly plowing into a drift. Stuck. 

I wish I had remembered to turn off the stupid traction control because I would have been fine for a while if I'd had full traction- mistake number 3. But I didn't and I called Denny who ever so graciously came down with the tractor, snow blade and shovel and dug me out. For the record, I attempted  to get out to get my shovel out of the trunk but I couldn't even get my door open to get out. And I was not properly dressed to go all Dukes of Hazzard out the window. I watched him push through drifts nearly as tall as my little car. I may have made it through that drift without the traction control but I would not have made it much farther than that. 

So yeah. I'm over winter.  And possibly looking for a different vehicle.... Stupid snow

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