Monday, February 3, 2014

Never Ending Chase

I think most adults understand what I mean when I say I feel like I'm chasing my tail.  Just out here spinning in circles going absolutely nowhere, all the while trying to run to the next place on my list of places to be for the day.  I need to be 3 places at the same time tomorrow.  Both boys have games, in different towns, in different directions, while I have 2 meetings at the same time.  Yep.  Shoot me now.

Last week, despite all of the great things I got done at home, was a complete disaster when I got back to work.  Misbehaving kids in class, cancelled events for my kids, canceled workouts. As much as I'm trying to move past last week it just keeps haunting me. Yesterday I ended up with a sick kiddo, who I couldn't stay home with today because I had two important meetings I couldn't shirk, one of which didn't happen.  The other ended up leaving more questions than answers, but at least we have some guidelines.  And my classes are behaving much better this week, in part due to the incentive plan we implemented on Friday.  Whatever works.  It was a good day in class. I'm happy with that. 

The weather is looking like it is going to foil any plans I have of being able to run outside this week as well as kill plans of potential make-up ball games that are scheduled.  I just want to see my kid play ball during his last year of middle school.  It really isn't that much to ask.  I may be asking for it to all be over once we start travel ball...

And then there's that tickle that's starting to rub the back of my throat.  I can feel my glands beginning to swell, making my throat feel like it's getting sore.  I stocked up on cough drops and Zycam, and hit the vitamin C all day.  Hopefully it's not too late to make a difference.  As much as I don't want to have another stinking snow day to make up, it wouldn't be all bad to have a day to rest and get well. Especially when I look at all of the activities on my schedule for this week.  I don't have time to be sick or take time off of work and life.  I was sick before Christmas.  I took care of a sick husband.  And kid. I don't have time for this.  Again.  Mind over matter. 

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