Sunday, February 9, 2014

Parenting FAIL

Well, I did it.  I made an ass of myself this weekend.  Not that this doesn't happen on a regular basis, just not usually in this capacity. I'm guilty of being "that parent" who may have screamed and stomped her feet yelled at an official during a middle school basketball game.  Yes, a Middle School basketball game.  Not even a High School or College game.  Middle School (hangs head in shame). 

Yep.  I was that parent.  Did it help the situation? Not one bit.  Did it embarrass my kid on the floor?  He says not, but I'm his mom and I was defending his honor and hard work.  I was trying to point out a foul most definitely should have been called as my son bled from a cut on his head and pulled himself up off of the floor.  Kinda seemed obvious to me.  There were bad calls both ways, I wasn't alone in the ranting, trust me.  If you ever want to see some bat-shit crazy parents just attend a youth sporting event.  I usually keep my cool pretty well.  I keep stats, I cheer positive encouragements to the team, clap loudly, etc.  Yesterday I  LOST it.  Big time.  I'm sure I looked like an idiot. Then the coach's sweet little 3 year old daughter came up to me with her cute little self and giant smile and I sat down and shut my mouth.  She was watching me as were many other people, my kids included.  I saw that sweet little girl's face and knew instantly that I was a very poor example of how an adult should behave in any public setting. That and a big jerk. Womp-womp.  

I apologized to my friends sitting around me, my boys, the coaches and the team after the game.  My behavior was the opposite of what it should have been and for that I am very sorry. Most said they didn't think a thing of it and referenced bad calls, missed opportunities, this, that, and the other.  It is what it is. But I'm still a representation of my kids, husband, and this program.   Ouch. Ego hit hard.

My son's school season may be over but I have another son in the middle of his season, as well as a husband in the throes of his season, and then on into travel ball season.  It really is never-ending.  That's a good thing though because it allows me to continue to practice my skills as a parent.  Maybe I can be a better example for my kids and everyone else's kids in the stands.  

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