Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sprinting to the End

There have been several "Day in the Life" type posts on blogs lately.  I know my daily life is less than typical.  We are in the final week of the regular season.  Next week is the start of post-season tournament play so it slows down considerably.  Trent will be done with his season soon too, so that will cut down on a lot of travel time.

This is my last 5 days in a nutshell.
5:30am. Wake up
5:45am. Get out of bed, Shower, dress, breakfast, read email, gather lunch stuff & pack lunches, fix hair & make up, brush teeth, sign papers/assignment books/homework, find my shoes/coat/keys/phone
7:05-7:40 Drive to work
7:45-3:30 Work work work work work.
3:45-4:15 Leave work between to get boys- this varies from day to day according to event schedules. Lately it's been Leave work at 3:30-3:45 to get boys to get supper and go to a game somewhere.
Game days:
5-9:30 game & game related food, travel and activity
9:30-10:30 workout & anything need before school the next day- laundry of some kind.
Non game days:
5:30-8:30 --Home,  make supper, do homework, yell at enjoy family. Usually a load of laundry, clean up kitchen, read blogs, maybe some lesson planning and grading.
8:30-9:30 Work out- It works for me.  I still have energy left for it at this time of day and it helps me wind down.  My body is tired and I can get my brain to shut down easier.  I'm one of those people who just can't stop thinking about what needs to be done.  I used to have panic attacks in the middle of the night.  I have learned to manage them by limiting caffeine and sugar and using workouts to help combat that.

Saturday is usually quiet, with boys at practice until late morning.  I have time to get a nice workout in, clean, do laundry and possibly run errands.  Sunday is church, breakfast with my parents, and then on to Sunday basketball league with my oldest.  Lazy Sunday's are over for the next few months as travel ball starts up again.

Lately my week has been more chaotic.  I've driven over 450 miles since Friday night, watched nine basketball games since Thursday, seven of which I've been score keeper/statistician, with two more road games to go this week.  That will be 13 single games and 500+ miles driven in  6 days.  Just for basketball.  I'd never trade a second of that time watching my boys.  And let's not forget the Dear Husband who decided to drop the team dinner into conversation Saturday afternoon as we were leaving for his game. "Oh by the way, the tournament draw is tomorrow afternoon so I invited the guys out for supper."  What's one more thing to put on my plate?  So instead of my 4 mile run I scheduled for Saturday after church, I did marathon cleaning/laundry/dinner/cookie baking before having to leave for my oldest son's travel league games at 2pm- because I'm the BEST.WIFE.EVER.  Grumpy for having missed a workout, but still the best.  I should have worn my pedometer because I'm pretty sure I made 4 miles worth of trips up and down the steps and around my house.  Needless to say, I crashed when we got home that night.

Last night was more of the same.  My youngest had a game at a school an hour away.  I have SO MUCH grading to get done before midterms (not very smart to assign a major writing assignment right before midterms) so I stayed a little later than normal to get through some of them, then to the store to pick up some healthier food for pre-game travel and Hub's supper tonight before he has to leave.  Some days I think we should just move into the coach's office.  We eat supper in there about 4 nights a week.  Last night we got home around 9:45 and I crashed shortly after getting home.  Out for the count.

I'm hoping I can get in a run before having to leave tonight.  I have a little more time to play with and I don't have to run kids around.  They have practice and I won't be able to pick them up since I will already be on the road to the HS games.  I'm hoping to get at least my 3.5 miles in. Maybe I'll be able to stay awake past 10pm tonight and get some Yoga in.

Can't say I'm disappointed there isn't anything going on tomorrow night after school. This chic is ready for a break!
One day at a time

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