Thursday, March 13, 2014

30 Something's Fashion

Confession: Shopping is not my favorite thing.  I used to love to shop; and then I worked in the apparel industry.  The end.  Something happens when you learn what things really cost.  Shopping was ruined for me.  Forever.  The problem is that I like to look good.  I like dressy things and high heeled shoes.  I've always been a sale rack scavenger.  Rarely do I buy anything full price, even before I worked in retail. Free shipping?  I'll look.  Free shipping and teacher discount? Better.  Shipping, teacher discount and end of season clearance?  You're speaking my language! 

But, my friends, I have a dilemma.  I am disturbed by the current trends I am seeing.  I have a select few stores I frequent.  Stores that have tall pants.  I'm 5'10" without heels.  I can't just buy pants anywhere.  I also don't want to look like I'm 22, nor do I want to look like I'm 62.  I've had babies.  I'm not thin, but not fat.  I'm just average.  I don't want to wear short, boxy sweaters with or without leggings.  I don't want to wear leggings at all.  Unless I'm working out, then I want quality compression pants or yoga pants.  Yoga pants are meant for practicing yoga not go to the grocery store (sore subject for another day).  Boxy sweaters?  Um no.  I don't care who you are, they look bad.  Talk about drawing attention to the tummy.  No thanks.  Don't need any help there.  Could I pull off the leggings?  Probably.  But I don't want to.  Period.  End of sentence. 

And please please please could designers make a skirt that hits at the knee for average girls?  Because on the taller girls like myself they hit a little above the knee.  When you make them mid-thigh for average girls, I end up looking like a hoochie.  Mid-thigh is not professional for anyone, especially a 36 year old teacher and mother of two.  I'm not trying to pick up a date.  I should be able to pick something up off the floor without worrying about what everyone may see when I do. And the low neck lines.  I love the girls but I don't want to share them with everyone.   Eew.  Don't make me look dowdy because I don't want to wear what the 20 year olds are wearing.  Can't I still look good and not look like I'm trying to score a hot piece of man this weekend? 

I'm not a prude.  Like I said, I like to look good.  I prefer timeless style.  Pencil skirts, a tailored button-up shirt and cardigan or a cowl neck sweater, some nice jewelry, perhaps some hosiery, and nice shoes.  Classic. Timeless. Tasteful.  Let's go back to that. 

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