Saturday, March 15, 2014

Blog Dilemma

Happy Saturday everyone.  I've been considering buying my domain name and have been weighing options for my blog platform as well.  A few articles have popped across my Twitter feed recently proclaiming WordPress superior to Blogger.  The disappointing thing about said articles was the lack of specific details as to what makes it so superior. My only experience has been with Blogger.  It's not difficult.  WordPress is foreign to me other than knowing there are different types of accounts, one of which is free.  Honestly, I can't tell you that I know of any differences other than appearance.  I need to do further research.

Does anyone have a preference as to which platform is better? Why do you think so?  Anyone have experience with both platforms?  Transferring content from my current site is of utmost concern as are customization and aesthetics. Do I need to learn code?  My coding is limited; it's on my summer to do list.

Any and all feedback are greatly appreciated!

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