Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Need Sleepy

Why is it that I suddenly cannot sleep in on the weekends? Seriously, 5:15? I can't get my butt out of bed on a weekday that early. Who even wants to intentionally rise at that time of day? It's not me, let me tell ya. Teaching was not the best career choice for a night owl, with all of these 7:15am meetings, 8am class times and such. I'm more of a 9 o'clock work day kinda girl. I like to ease into my day. Rise at 6:30-7 with the sun, drink some coffee, have breakfast, read the paper/FB/Twitter/IG. You know, normal morning stuff. 

But hold the phones- Saturday rolls around and I'm all ready to get up and take on the world before the sun even has a chance to crack the horizon (thank you daylight savings time).  The caveat you ask? I still can't fall asleep until  11:30-12, even after a full day's activities. I ran kids to practice, had an AdvoCare Mixer, physically ran 6.1 miles, cleaned, cooked, and all those other mom things you do on a Saturday and still couldn't fall asleep until 11:30. And was awake at 5:15 again on Sunday.  I need sleep. I can do a few days of 5 or less hours of sleep and then watch out because I'm going down hard. Like lie down when I get home from work and sleep through until the alarm the next morning. 
Or at least until 5am....

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