Thursday, March 13, 2014

One Day Closer to Spring

We've been so spoiled for the last several days with some milder weather- until yesterday.  What's one more snow day to make up, right?  Seriously, I'll take 34 degrees and sun.  It felt heavenly on Sunday for my long run.  I don't mind at all.  In fact, the more I run in cooler temperatures, the more I like it.  Yeah, yeah.  Those of you who know me well know I HATE winter and cold weather.  Like I'd move to the Caribbean and not complain once about the heat or humidity.  I love the sun and hot weather.

I have been thoroughly enjoying running outside the last week.  Sunday morning's 5 miles were pure bliss.  The creeks have thawed and running and the birds are singing happy tunes.  Even the neighbor's dog was happy to see me- I'm never quite sure if she sees me as a nice snack, a threat, or a friend.  Sunday I was a friend.  Whew!  I really should carry some pepper spray or something.

Beautiful sunshine
Monday followed with more warmer temps and a lot of melting.  It was not a scheduled run day but who am I to pass up 45 degrees and sunshine? I'm taking advantage of any time I don't have to put in on the treadmill right now.   I've always said I want to own lake-front property, however, the lakes that are popping up around our house are not quite what I had in mind. The water was rushing so fast and so loudly I shut my music off and listened to it rush along side me to the creeks.  Or in the case of the "lake" down the road, watched it rush violently across the road from one field into another.  It was a nice 4" deep by 5 feet across swiftly flowing stream.  Needless to say my feet were soaked pretty quickly and that water was C.O.L.D!  The trickling sounds made me think of spending time in the woods and along the giant ditch and creek that ran through our property when I was growing up.  Many hours were spent along those ditch banks. It made me remember how much I love to be outside even when it's messy like it is now.  The more mud the better! And this is why I was meant to be the mom of boys...

Ice bath anyone? 
Tuesday brought a few more clouds with an impending winter storm but temps hovered around 45 again.  We had a basketball event that night at 5 so I just took my clothes with me to run after work. Trent wanted to run with me.  He's all worried about being out of shape since basketball is over and having a tournament this weekend.  I love that he wants to be active with me.  Sad thing is he's faster than me this spring.  He was always slower in past years so he would usually opt to ride his bike while I ran.  Not anymore.  Of course he would run ahead of me and get tired or side stitches and walk for a bit (until I caught up to him) and then take off again.  We may not have gotten in the 3 miles I had hoped on but it was much sweeter having his little self by near me.  

I LOVE this!
And then yesterday we end up with a snow day at home.  {sigh}  I'm not looking forward to making the day up later, but I was in need of a day to catch up.  We got all of the laundry done, I read a book, did some research for a project I'm planning in class, moved the couch and swept under it, and was lazy all day.  By we I totally mean Rex.  He did most of the actual cooking and sweeping and laundry washing.  I folded and consumed.  Wonderful, relaxing and just what I needed to recharge.

And then I had to face the messy, cold, winter morning. I pulled out of the garage, fumbled for my sunglasses and took off out of the drive.  And then I stopped.  I put the car in park and got out, phone in hand to take a few quick pictures.  I could not get enough of the splendor that surrounded me. Every now and then I feel like God sends us these little events to make us see the beauty of our surroundings.  Everything glistened in the sunlight.  The trees and fences were all coated with snow and ice set against the contrasting bright blue sky.   It was the most beautiful winter scene!

So today I will suck it up and stop whining about winter.  Spring is on the way.  You can smell it in the air, despite the current cold weather.  Tomorrow will be warmer and I'll be back on the pavement. But for today, I'm singing the praises of the beauty of my surroundings.

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