Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Reflection & Retrospection

The ten days have been tough to say the least.  As my uncle said one day last week, each day gets easier.  The thought that keeps rolling around in my brain is how lucky I am to have had my grandfather in my life for all of these years.  He's been such a constant in my life, always full of advice, whether wanted or not.  I treasure every memory I have sitting with him listening to stories, walking the woods and talking trees, or out in the garden picking raspberries. There are so many. 

My grandfather didn't do anything he didn't want to do.  He didn't do things he knew he wasn't good at.  He experimented.  He was created works of art.  He was a doer of things.  He discovered passions through doing and then talking bout them.  As I looked at his life as I knew him and thought about his words regarding life, family, and priorities I realized he lived one of the most authentic lives I've seen.  Perhaps it's the era in which he was born; the practicality he possessed. Whatever it is I appreciate these lessons greatly.  It's made me realize that even though I have made moves to live more authentically I'm not there yet.  The goal is to do what gives me joy.  No more wasted hours on things that don't make me happy.  Granted I can't give up laundry and dishes even though that would make me extremely happy! 

Something that makes me happy is this blog.  I love to write.  I realize most of my content is trivial and just about things going on in my little sheltered space in the world.  I have been slightly embarrassed to share my blog for fear of what friends would say.  No more, my friends.  As I review my "About Me" page where it talks about the milk house I realize those times set the stage for this forum now.  Our topics were random, relating to basketball, farming, milk production, family struggles, or whatever was on our mind.  Some days discussions were brief. Others were hour long change-the-world kinds of debates.  And so it remains on this page.  I will write things that are of importance to me and care not of what others may think.  This is one of my dreams and perhaps it will turn into more. Perhaps not.  God will take me where He wants me.  Of that I am certain.

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