Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Training Setback

Welcome to a beautiful March morning in Indiana!  (That's complete sarcasm) It's snowing and 22 degrees right now.  The good news is it begins to warm up after today. Hooray for that!  I'll put up with one day of crappy if I can have five days of decent.  

Today I'm linking up with Jess from Operation Skinny Jeans.  I came across Jess's blog this one day this winter.  She's super dedicated to making a healthy life for herself and family and I love her positivity.  She is also in training for a half marathon.  Every Monday is Marathon Monday, chronicling her adventures in training for her race.  Posts like these are so affirming that I'm not the only one who thinks sometimes running really sucks or has issues with getting workouts completed on schedule.

Speaking of setbacks, I seem to have developed shin splints on the interior of my right leg.  I've never had shin splints there and I'm totally self diagnosing this issue.  The only other times I've gotten them was on the front of my legs up toward my knee.  This is down by my ankle and goes up the interior halfway up to my knee.  It's not swollen but it hurts. I haven't run since Friday and have been icing and using BioFreeze while massaging the afflicted area.  It seems to be working.  There is no pain this morning when I walk around the house so I must be doing something right! 


 I want so badly to run but it feels risky.  Saturday I did a HIiT DVD, Sunday some Yoga and abs, Monday another HIiT workout.  Today will probably be more of the same.  I modify jumping and higher impact moves so I don't further aggravate my injury.  Yesterday I had some pain afterward and made sure to massage and work the BioFreeze into it a few times throughout the day.  Today is the first day I haven't woken with that twinge of pain when I got up and walked to the kitchen.  WooHoo!  Saturday's run is supposed to be a 7 miler, which makes me really nervous.  What do I do if it hurts again?  Push through? Stop and walk?  

I hate setbacks.  I was doing so well too!  May 3 is the day- just 5 weeks away.  Will I be ready if I take a whole week off?  I realize I'm still putting in work.  My cardio endurance isn't going to go away simply by resting.  Routine is my friend.  This throws my routine and I don't like that.  Remember that Type-A personality I talked about a few posts ago?  Um, yeah, here it is in full splendor.  Ha!  Looking at the picture of my leg on the chair I think the day would be better spent being crafty and reupholstering my dining room chairs.  They look a little rough... 

How do you handle a setback?  How long is long enough to rest? 

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