Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Motivational Monday... On Wednesday

Some days I feel like I am more motivated by my own children than by anything or anyone else.  My boys were 10 and 7 when our high school basketball team went to state finals.  We finished runner's up in the 3A championship game after a double overtime game vs Princeton.  Our point guard, Bruce Grimm Jr, still holds the individual scoring record for the 3A tournament with 40 points.  It was an absolutely amazing game.  We were all completely exhausted following the game.  Jordan Hulls, who was Mr. Basketball that year, and Bloomington South played the game after ours, and despite sitting through almost the whole game, I remember absolutely none of it.  Sorry, Jordan.  It was such an amazing journey through the tournament; one filled with special, treasured memories for all of us.  From Trenton throwing up on the bus ride home from practice in Indy, to speeding home from Lafayette after semi-state, and watching my boys shoot around on the Pacer's court.  Amazing.

This past weekend the Indiana High School Basketball State Championship games were held in Indianapolis at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.  My oldest son attended with a friend and his uncle.  As the games were about to start I received the following series of text messages: 

Our conversation made me think about all of the times I feel discouraged by something.  My kids have an uncanny way of making me eat my words.  I looked at my advice to him and applied it to me.  How can I do things better, achieve the goals I set for myself, and have a positive attitude while getting there?  I don't know the answer yet other than to take on the fake it til you make it attitude.  This winter has been terrible but I've done my best to show up to each task with a smile on my face.  

And then there's the old saying that doing something over and over expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.  Do you feel like you're just spinning your wheels and not making progress?  The ole attitude takes a big hit when progress does not appear immediately, and the bottle of wine didn't help with any of it. 

Why is it as parents we become the biggest hypocrites? Maybe it's just me.  My kids see me working hard, whether it be job, fitness, or family related. Damn if the mountain doesn't look insurmountable from where I've stumbled, but I'll keep climbing. Eventually I will get where I'm going and I know he will too. 

What have you accomplished that seemed crazy and maybe unattainable? How did you overcome your struggles?

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