Monday, April 14, 2014

Retro Love

Did you watch the season premier of Mad Men last night?  There are so many other things I should have been doing but I can't lie, I've been waiting for this all TV season!  I love everything about Mad Men; the decor in the homes and offices, the clothing and accessories, the social agendas, women's roles, men's behavior, cocktail hour, all of it.  Just all of the things.  I really love retro styling but haven't found a great way to incorporate much into my home.  The only things I really have are vintage grocery tins, jars, and a desk.  Many of the items I like to put my own spin on.  A new coat of paint, some cleaning up, a new coat of polish, a different hemline.  New out of the old.  If only I could pull off something like this little number.  Don't you just love dots and a trim waistline on an A-Line skirt?  So feminine and elegant.  Casual yet sophisticated.  Be still my heart. <3


Joan is my favorite character by far.  I admire her sassy yet professional attitude.  Her style, or her stylist's idea of her style, pure classic.  She's curvy and real; a real woman.  Like any working mother, she does what she needs to do to take care of her family the best she can, all while running an office.  Don't kid yourself, the true brains behind any operation are the people working out front.  Joan keeps that place together and running like clockwork.  Plus it doesn't hurt that she's gorgeous!  

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Joan's feminine style is so glamorous, yet not over the top.  Her posture oozes confidence and class.  She works hard to get everything done to ensure her boss, her company, and she look good.  She counsels everyone through difficult situations.  Sometimes it's just telling them to act like grown ups and suck it up.  I love her.  She's amazing and, in my opinion, is the character who makes the show.  

Who is your favorite character?  Do you share my affinity toward all things vintage and retro?  

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