Monday, June 9, 2014

#SummaTime Preview

Summer Vacation is finally here!  Could you hear me squealing with delight as I left work on Friday afternoon?  It's only day 3 and I can't even begin to describe how amazing each morning has been.  Maybe it's just the weekend in general.  We picked a ton of strawberries, hung out with Rex's brother's family, spent time with my mom's family, many of whom I have not seen in years, and captured some truly amazing skies. 

Jam making is in my near future. 

Junkin', or antiquing, one of my favorite things to do anytime of the year.  Yesterday we hit up an auction.  There was an intriguing victorian couch I had my eye on.  It went for $20, and I'm still kicking myself for not bidding, but I passed because I knew it would cost me a small fortune to reupholster and refinish.  The bottom needs rebuilt and the springs probably need to be replaced as well.  My scope of knowledge just isn't that complex at this point in time.  Plus it doesn't match anything in my house.  Oh well.  I did, however, score an awesome counter height table and chairs for next to nothing.  Like maybe a fourth of what a new set would cost.  It has water rings and scuffs.  I'm going to sand and maybe strip the dark polish off and try to lighten it up a bit.  It will be awesome in our basement when we get it finished next winter!  Right now it's in the corner of my living room- and looks perfect btw- just waiting for the first round of cards to be played.  Jordan and his friend ate supper there last night and thought it was the bees knees.  

Couldn't help but cut some peonies too :)

The weather was cooler yesterday, but perfect.  The humidity left the air throughout the day. It was raining when I awoke.  The birds were singing and the sun peeked through.  The view through my bedroom door was gorgeous.  

And then the sunset! Oh my heavens! Pardon the screen distortion... I just had to get a picture while I had a chance.   Spectacular!

I'm looking forward to an adventurous summer.  So far I haven't been let down. Follow me on Twitter  @AlisonReinholt & Instagram @areinholt for summer posts.  I'll be using #SummaTime to document Summer 2014.  

What adventures do you have planned for #SummaTime ?

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