Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday Morning Solace

Sunday mornings are my favorite morning of the week, especially in the summer.  Up with the sun, coffee on the porch, listening to the birds and bullfrogs sing to the sunrise.  I could call Sunday Pinterest Day.  Today, as most Sundays, ended up with numerous pins of classroom ideas, outfits, recipes to try, DIY projects, and fitness motivation.  It's my rejuvenation time. My time to look at my goals for the week and reflect upon things I need to do to get there.  Being in nature has always sparked my inner catharsis.  It's the little things that make it all go for me.

I love quotes and words of inspiration.  Is anyone else bothered by the images often associated with women's health/fitness & these words of wisdom?  Why must women be super model skinny to be fit?  Numerous quotes came across with "Strong is the new skinny", however, the images contradict these words.  Six pack abs, breasts spilling out of tiny sports bras or bikini tops, and booty shorts equal strong?  Pardon me, but I'm confused!

I have friends who are fit, thin, and strong. They are awesome ladies.  They can do pull-ups, pushups, and run marathons.  They eat clean and train hard. They have 6 pack abs after babies.  They have curvy hips but can bench 100+ pounds.  They do not look like the women in these pictures.  They look better.  I am thinnish, but curvy.  Others would probably call me thin but I tend to be too self-critical.  Thin is great, but I want to be stronger.  Sure I can do push-ups on my toes now.  I can finally do 10 stability ball stands without falling off the ball.  I ran a half marathon in under 2.5 hours!  I can squat 100 lbs.   But there are plenty of things I can't do.  I have plenty of fitness goals.  I want to do a regular pull up without a chair.  Be able to jump my feet to my hands in yoga.  But none of my goals include squeezing into a size 0.  I will probably never have a totally flat stomach with 6 pack abs showing.  Sure I'd love to have more defined muscle definition.  But I'm not built that way.  And I'm ok with that.  Yes, that came out of my brain.  I'M OK WITH MY BODY.

Don't get me wrong; I'm still going to wear a 2 piece bathing suit to the beach this summer and not be self-conscious (most days). My belly may be flabby and I have stretch marks from my babies.  My body birthed babies for goodness sake!  That's a pretty amazing thing!   I'm going to wear skirts, shorts, and tall shoes and show my legs because they're long, strong, and lean, not because I have a thigh gap or bikini bridge, of which I neither.  I'm going to wear sleeveless shirts and tanks because my arms and back are toning up nicely.  My body is stronger than it was yesterday.   I will be stronger tomorrow than I was today.  I'm going to keep going because I like how I feel when I'm strong vs how I feel when I slack off and stop taking care of me.

True strength is NOT what a skinny girl with a good photographer and photoshop display in a motivational quote.  Strength is getting up each day and deciding to be better than you were yesterday.  Doing that workout even though you don't want to.  Eating clean because it fuels your body to do more.  Taking care of you so you can better care for others.  Strength is being an example for your kids.  Strength is pushing a little harder each day and not settling for just enough. Yes, we all have those days.  We all have a choice to do more.  To be more. To push a little harder.  So go forth and be a better you.  Strong doesn't equal skinny.  Strong equals perseverance, consistency, and working to be better than you were yesterday.

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