Monday, June 2, 2014

The Home Stretch

It's the last Monday of my school year! Hooray!  The year went fast, yet seemed to creep slowly at the same time.  Does that make any sense at all?  It's been rough at times.  Overall I'd rate it about a 6.  Not terrible.  Not fantastic.  I'm back at it and some days I'm not sure how I feel about that.

There's a lot to be said for teaching and education. Teaching can be a highly rewarding occupation once you look past the hours of work taken home, brainless lawmakers, thankless taxpayers, and smart mouth kids.  I'm a teacher down to my core; however, I do miss the camaraderie at the screen printing shop.  The constant fast pace of sales and marketing.  Always moving and going, traveling on occasion, the rush of making the sale.  I do not miss the constant deadlines, high stress, and never ending workday that accompany that environment.  'Tis the nature of small business, I suppose.  I came in on the ground floor just as we were taking the mid-to-large school team sales and Grassroots basketball scene by storm.  And by storm I mean like a hurricane.  We went from around $300,000 of sales to over $2 million in a year!  Talk about exciting!  I thrived on that constant movement, honing in on problem areas and helping to make them better, more streamlined.   Margins and percentages became my driving force.  Numbers and formulas scared me in high school.  Throughout my education career, data and numbers became my ally. I just had to learn how to extrapolate and manipulate. In my business office job, those numbers drove everything. How could I push the web more?  How could I use the manufacturers specials to drive deals for customers and create more profit?  Oh look at that t-shirt design!  How can I use that for one of my teams? Unfortunately for my family and my body/self/mind, margins and percentages (and shirt designs) were my driving force.  At the end of the day I realized that the times I spent training my sales team or educating customers on product were the times I was happiest and most fulfilled.  So, here I am, back in the proverbial educational saddle.

I'm not gonna lie, the pinnacle for me is summer break.  I'm pretty sure I'm looking forward to this summer break more than any other I've ever had.  I've worked the last 3 summers like a mad woman.  The thought of sitting around and puttering around my house and garden at my leisure makes me want to weep with joy.  Now will it really go like that?  No.  I have to finish an online continuing ed class for my license renewal process.  I'll read books and map out my class assignments for the year.  I'll work on classroom stuff a lot I imagine.  So it isn't really a vacation, more like work from home time.  I don't care.  I'll take it.  There's something about that time off that rejuvenates the soul.  It's like my little bit of heaven.  I will enjoy my kids adventures.  Perhaps go on a few with them.  I'll be all over Indiana Atlanta. GA for some baseball.  It will go fast, but I will attempt to savor every single minute of my time.

Here's to summer!  Just 4 more days until I can sit back and relax!

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