Thursday, July 31, 2014

Slow Down!

What a whirlwind summer it has been! Tomorrow the colander page flips to August cloaing another summer break in chaos and longing for more time. Rex and I left a week ago to help run a basketball tournament & elite skills camp, next a golf outing for Never Lose Hoop Foundation, and then to Chicago to watch out son play ball one last time for the summer.  Oh and did I mention I accepted a new job Friday? Yeah, that starts Monday. I'm starting to freak out a little bit. I've had NO time to work on school stuff like I thought I would. That may be a good thing. I'm better when I'm busy. Less time to compile worries and make myself sick. 

As I sit here in the truck reflecting on the last week's events, I cannot help but feel overwhelmed and humbled. The position I accepted is not a job I even applied for or ever saw myself doing. It scares me to death. Everyone else seems to think I'm going to be amazing in the position- except me. I've spend a good deal of our driving time praying for strength and calm. 

The last 2 days I've watched Rex coach and interact with 26 of the nation's top HS girls basketball players. It doesn't matter the talent, girls or boys, he challenges the kids to reach for the stars. He's in his element. It's a natural thing for him. I'm praying this job is my fit. I'm trusting everyone else in this one and ignoring the little red devil of self doubt chirping in my ear.

Until then I've got a checkbook to balance, a pile of receipts to go through, a silent auction to get ready for, and hopefully I'll find an hour for a long overdue pedicure. Who has time to worry? Obviously not me! 

There is still time to register for the golf outing. Visit to register for Satuday's fun! 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Can Women Really Have It All?

As I was scrolling through Twitter while drinking my morning coffee, I came across this article:  PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi gave it to us straight: Women can't have it all.  Then it came on the morning news. Oh boy. Let the fire storm begin.  Except there hasn't been much of a storm in the wake.  
Her comments have been whirling around my brain all day.  Can we have it all?  Do I have it all now?  What is "All"?   We each have different goals, different ideas of success.  I've experienced the small business world. I've done the 60 hour work weeks.  It didn't work for my family.  I personally enjoyed the job and the successes of the company and team in which I was working. Leaving was one of the most difficult decisions I've made.  At the end of the day my family suffered greatly while I was advancing my career.  I got lost in the job and put my kids on the back burner, not to mention myself and my own personal wellbeing for the sake of the career.  I can see that now. 
 My family is my highest priority.  Period.  I'm a teacher so I have the luxury of similar schedules and ability to attend most of my kids'  events. Yes, my kids went to daycare while I worked.  They went to preschool.  Now entering high school and middle school, they are more independent but in no way does that mean they need less from me.  On the contrary, in my opinion.  I'm here every day talking them through the tortures of social situations, peer pressure, and (gasp) girls.  
Yet here I am starting my own business; adding to my daily workload.  And we go back to the original question: can we have it all?  Learning and teaching others are my passions.  I am able to do that as a career, both in an academic and a personal setting.  How amazing is that!  Living your passion is like getting paid to do what you love.  Yes, some days are tough. I get disillusioned. Perhaps I won't make millions of dollars.  I'm probably not going to be famous for inventing a new something-or-other. I'm ok with that.  For now.  Yes I have high expectations for my business.  I want to earn extra income to give my kids experiences they've not had.  I'd love to be debt free. Right now I just want to be their mom and tuck them into bed at night.  Take them to the lake on Wednesday's.  Pick blueberries and teach them how to make Grandma's blueberry buckle.  That's having it all at this very moment in time.
I'm positive Ms. Nooyi is passionate about her work at PepsiCo or she wouldn't go to work and strive to make it a better company each and every day. She wouldn't be saying these things if she weren't passionate about her work and how she handles her life outside of work.  It's all a delicate balance.  One that is completely unique to each family.   Being a working parent is hard, no two ways about it.  It's our support system that makes it work.  My kids are who they are because of the wonderful people in our lives who have helped raise them along the way.  They are our support system.  It doesn't matter if you're a working parent or not.  It still takes a village to raise a child.

All you have to do is find the balance. 
Can we really have it all? 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

#SummaTime Fun

It's no secret I love summer! The sun, the beach, the pool, the garden veggies, just all of it.  I love it!  I would not have a problem living in the south, on a coast, or in California.  Warm temps plus water equal perfection!  

Maybe it's just the slower pace of summer that appeals to me.  Not that we are actually paced any slower in the summer.  On the contrary, we may be busier, we just don't have to go to school from 8-3:30 every day.  Instead it's weights at 6am, workouts & open gym at 5pm, with various activities sprinkled in between.  Thankfully it's dead week so there are NO weights or workouts to attend.  No tournaments or practices.  Yesterday was a peaceful day at the beach with great friends.

We are fortunate to live in an area with several natural lakes with fabulous beaches.  Lake Max is one of our faves, due to proximity mostly, but also for all of the nostalgia of my youth.  My mom always gets us a pass for my birthday.  I spent a lot of my childhood in that lake. We try to get there at least once a week, sometimes twice.  Yesterday was only the second time we've been there this summer.  Yikes!! We're so behind!  Must make up beach time! Some friends suggested we all make a day of it.  The day started off rainy and cool but transformed into a beautiful blue sky afternoon and early evening. Perfection!  I'm looking forward to many more in the remaining weeks before school starts. 

What kinds of fun summer activities do you do with your family and friends?