Tuesday, July 1, 2014

#SummaTime Fun

It's no secret I love summer! The sun, the beach, the pool, the garden veggies, just all of it.  I love it!  I would not have a problem living in the south, on a coast, or in California.  Warm temps plus water equal perfection!  

Maybe it's just the slower pace of summer that appeals to me.  Not that we are actually paced any slower in the summer.  On the contrary, we may be busier, we just don't have to go to school from 8-3:30 every day.  Instead it's weights at 6am, workouts & open gym at 5pm, with various activities sprinkled in between.  Thankfully it's dead week so there are NO weights or workouts to attend.  No tournaments or practices.  Yesterday was a peaceful day at the beach with great friends.

We are fortunate to live in an area with several natural lakes with fabulous beaches.  Lake Max is one of our faves, due to proximity mostly, but also for all of the nostalgia of my youth.  My mom always gets us a pass for my birthday.  I spent a lot of my childhood in that lake. We try to get there at least once a week, sometimes twice.  Yesterday was only the second time we've been there this summer.  Yikes!! We're so behind!  Must make up beach time! Some friends suggested we all make a day of it.  The day started off rainy and cool but transformed into a beautiful blue sky afternoon and early evening. Perfection!  I'm looking forward to many more in the remaining weeks before school starts. 

What kinds of fun summer activities do you do with your family and friends?

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