Sunday, September 7, 2014

Summer Solace

Today's post was going to be titles "Summertime Sadness" but that's not completely accurate.  Summer sunshine is the balm that heals the woes of winter.  Fall is definitely on it's way.  I can already see the changes in the landscape. The summer coneflowers dropping seeds, the grasses waving big beautiful tails, pumpkins blazing orange awaiting picking, the sun is casting long shadows earlier in the day.  Football Friday's, Cross Country Saturdays, bon fires, blankets  and hard cider shared with friends.  

I have window's open today.  A cool front moved through taking with it the humidity and 90 degree temperatures that have hung around the last two weeks.  What a relief from the constant beating rays causing sweat to ensue as soon as one steps outside. It's so nice to feel a breeze flow through the house along with the songs of the cicadas and crickets outside the windows.  My kids would disagree, calling them pesky and loud, not unlike the both of them.. ahem.. I mean, nothing like my little darlings. Ha!

I suppose it shouldn't surprise me how time has flown by.  Some schools are just entering their second week, yet we are entering week 6. One month down.  5 weeks until fall break.  5 weeks until Cross Country Sectionals & regionals.  My oldest son is 5 weeks into his high school career, and 5 weeks from the end of his first varsity season.  

Until then i will continue to enjoy the bounty from my garden.  The squash, tomatoes, and last of the green beans.  Fall kale, spinach, and lettuce.  Trips to the apple orchard for crisp apples and fresh cider. The herbs in the pots on the porch. Savoring the freshness that can only be brought by sunshine and warm temperatures of summer.  


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