Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Motivation


Happy Monday, everyone! I found this on Pinterest this morning and thought it was a perfect Monday motivator. It's from the Free People Blog.  I haven't visited it before and wow, have I been missing out!  Some really great stuff there. It really makes me wish I knew more about graphic arts.  Someday maybe... 

Two of the most beautiful words in a teacher's vernacular are Fall Break.  My school follows a balanced calendar.  We essentially go 9 weeks on and 2 weeks off.  Fall is slightly different, attending 10 weeks and having 7 school days off so we can still get out by Memorial Day in May and have a few built in snow days in case the weather is nasty again this year. Since we have been on the go pretty much since mid-August, J is still running cross country (yay!), and basketball season is right around the corner (T starts this week), I was so important for me to get our calendars coordinated.  This includes my workout calendar.  Did you know when you schedule your workouts you're more likely to complete them? I was excited to see that I timed my P90X3 restart perfectly to carry me into the new year.  I'm done the first week of January.  Perfect! My goal of abs by Christmas is in reach! I'm pumped! 

Goal setting is so important.  Do you have a health or fitness goal before the holidays? 
Can I help you?  Email me at for more info. 

Have a great day!

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