Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tasty Tuesday Leftover Style

It's Tasty Tuesday here at the Milkhouse Door, ya'll! It's also fall break, though I don't feel like we've had a moment to actually take a break. Shouldn't it be illegal to have this much to do during a vacation? I think so. This darn college class I'm in is killing me. I can't believe all of the work I have to do. What the heck?!

Fall break for me started with fall hair color. Probably should have put on some makeup that day, but whatever. The hair is looking great thanks to my awesome color specialist and stylist, Hollie.  Thanks, my dear! Having my hairs did took all of the displeasure from getting my teeth cleaned that afternoon. 

Doesn't everyone take a selfie from the parking lot after getting hairs did?  :)
 From hair, to dentist, and on to team dinner prep for J's cross country team.  They ran in our Regional state tournament and placed 4th! We have 2 girls who also qualified individually as well.  Let's go Zebra Runners! Two of the other freshman parents and I had the team dinner. What's better for a bunch of 14 to 18 year old runners with the metabolism of Superman on speed? Spaghetti and meatballs of course! Carb load with some protein. My job was to make the meatballs. Ordinarily for an event like this I would have bough pre made frozen meatballs from GFS or something but J gave me an ultimatum. I'm a sucker for feeding my kiddos real food so it didn't take much for me to cave on homemade meatballs.  10 pounds of delicious grass-fed beef right there in that bowl. They were a huge hit! The leftovers went into the other 2 parent's freezers and I took some home too, which leads me to the Tasty recipe this week.

That's a lot of meat (insert crude joke here)

Saturday was rainy and cool. Honestly it was perfect for running, minus the annoying drizzle that started just in time for the races. We were damp but not soaked by the time we left and we were so thankful they ran just 15 miles away from home. We aren't so lucky with Semi-State this weekend which is over an hour away.

Needless to say, by Saturday afternoon everyone had their fill of spaghetti. I had several things left over from the week and had a brainstorm.  I had 3 cups of beef broth left from a gallon I had to thaw for another dish earlier in the week. Half of a spaghetti squash, about a cup of fresh green beans, a large sweet potato, and all the meatballs. I put all of this in a medium stock pot along with a jar of canned whole tomatoes and a bag of frozen vegetable soup veggies (carrots, peas, corn, okra), some salt and pepper, some onion and garlic powder and simmer about 20 minutes. Boom. Done. Leftovers gone. The kids were so cold and miserable from the rain they ate it without realizing there was spaghetti squash in it. Sneaky, mom. I fully believe in a don't ask, don't tell policy with vegetables: if they don't ask, I don't tell ;)


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