Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

Sadly, I have not started any projects this fall break. My eye is on a wall space I never quite know what to do with. I hang things on it. There's a light switch and a (broken) doorbell box to work around. I have ideas. I think a trip to a nice thrift shop will get the job complete, sans the few things I may need to pick up a the craft store. I've already purchased spray paint in 3 colors and 2 finishes; White satin, burgundy satin, and tan/beige glossy. My wall is a yellowish color that I should probably repaint before attempting this project but if I pain that wall then I have to repaint the entryway. You get the picture.

Here's what I have to work with.

Here are some of my Pinspirations, if you will. Now, I realize my wall is narrow. I have some other wall space I'm thinking I can try the window thing on. It's pretty cool. I like the different sized and colored frames. I will incorporate an R into the design. My worry is the boys knocking things off the wall since it's a busy place we go through often. The deer head is a favorite of my oldest son. We're saving that for his room.  No taxidermy (even fake taxidermy) in my kitchen thankyouverymuch.  

Any advice or ideas? Scrap it because it won't get finished this week and all hail breaks loose with basketball season in 2 weeks? Let me hear it. Any fall projects going on at your house? 

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