Thursday, October 30, 2014

Throwback Thursday- My Health Journey

This is almost a Transformation Tuesday but we're going with Throwback Thursday Transformation. See what I did there? Huh? Huh? ......

This is me and Coach at my cousin's wedding in September 2009. (Coach there... He's pretty hot stuff. Ow-oww!)

This isn't quite my rock bottom point, but really close. This is around 185 pounds. Mind you, I'm a tall girl. I'm 5'10" with broad shoulders. But 185 does not look good on this body. I can't blame a baby for this. That is just really bad habits and little activity. Just looking at this brings back a flood of emotion. I can tell you exactly how I felt in that dress that day. It wasn't a good feeling. It was the only thing nice enough for the wedding that fit me at the time- also not a good feeling. I never want to go back to that feeling ever again. Enter motivation and Beachbody. 

Fast forward to the Christmas when my aunt sent me this picture in a Christmas card. I saw it and wanted to crawl into a hole. I knew I had to change things, but nothing really changed until June when I decided to start running again. Running always seems to be my go-to when getting back into shape. I found Running Mate on iTunes podcasts and downloaded the 8 week program to help train myself to run a 5K. It was painful. I couldn't run for long. It was awful but I knew I had to do it for myself. By the end of July I was running 3-4 miles a few times a week and walk-jogging 2 other days. Some days I used some old Firm tapes and DVD's I had. But I still wasn't dropping a ton of weight like I'd hoped to. I was disappointed. I was sure this would take care of things.  So I signed up for Weight Watchers. It was slow at first. I was totally hooked on treating myself each day so I wouldn't get burnt out by restricting foods I liked. Guess what? The weight wasn't really going anywhere. I was mixing up one of my favorite 2 point desserts one night (fat free cool-whip, sugar-free butterscotch pudding, a diced apple and a can of pineapple tidbits in juice) and it hit me. Duh, Alison. Just because you have points left, doesn't mean you have to use them for crap food! Everything in what I was mixing up was crap except for the apple and the pineapple. Why not just eat the apple? I started making smarter choices, adding in more vegetables and fruits, more lean meats, a handful of nuts or seeds- and it turns out I was eating more food. I mean, veggies were free- no points. It was perfect. I started to see some progress when I realized this. Ironically, this is the exact time Beachbody entered the timeline as well.

I ran my first 5K in September, then another in October. I started Chalene Extreme in November (because I was terrified of P90X), then started P90X the end of January. Two of my friends had been using P90X for quite a while and I was impressed with their results, but they were both fit when they started. I didn't think there was any way I was going to be able to do it too. When I added the weights the fat & weight fell off of me. I'm not even kidding. I was going to weigh-ins and dropping 3-4 pounds a week for 6 weeks straight. By May I had lost 30 pounds! Then I started going to fewer and fewer meetings. It was working so why did I need to go? I had minor surgery in mid May and had to take a month off from my intense workouts- walking and some lower body only. I started a new job that June as well and was working 8-5 most days and eating take out for lunch instead of packing. I fired up the p90 again in July. I got busier with work and kids and life and put on 5 pounds by October. I was ok with it but started back in at meetings for the accountability. I really liked the people in my group. I missed those relationships. That's also when they changed the points system. Suddenly vegetables were worth points. And my beloved fruit was worth even more points. But I could eat a ton of the crap processed foods and spend precious few points. That's when I canceled my membership. I couldn't buy into the fact that non-food was considered good for me.

Fast forward to this past May when I decided to bite the bullet and sign up to be a Beachbody coach. 
I was in a clean eating challenge group with Adie Smith from The Four Fit Sisters. I felt good.  Really good. When Adie asked if I would be interested in becoming a coach I was nervous but something told me I HAD to do this! I mean, when you look at my stats they're not bad.  I've kept 20 pounds off with the help of Beachbody programs and eating well!  Why not share this with others! I'm a teacher, and inspirer. I love to share what I know with others. That's why I love this coaching thing so much.  I love the products; I use Shakeology and the workout programs every single day. It seemed completely logical to share these amazing things with others so they can have results like I've had along the way.

Life happens, folks. I have worked really hard at staying active. In the last year I've run a half marathon. I started a round of p90X3 and got through the first two cycles (and quit), then started PiYo and did 30 days. Now I'm back to my P90X3. (progress, not perfection).  I'm stronger than I was three weeks ago.  I'm not where I want to be yet but I'm much closer than when I started this journey. I will always be a work in progress. I have to remind myself it's not about perfection, or perceived perfection.  I know that eating well and moving makes me feel so much better than eating crap and sitting around. Now I'm driven to find the truth in what fuels my body and keeps me feeling my very best each and every day. It's about progress. Stick with it, folks. It's worth it.  

I'm still taking people in my next challenge group. Will you join me in eating clean and getting rid of the added sugar? Click here or leave a message below for more details. Have a fantastic day!

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