Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: Beef Barley Stew

I'm Monday saw the beginning of high school basketball for Coach and Jordan. I managed to get home in time to squeeze a run in while there was still some daylight. One drawback of living in the middle of nowhere in the fall is the crazy dudes who think they can just drive the back roads and shoot deer from the truck and climb whatever fence row they need to recover said deer. My boys love to hunt. I'm not anti-hunting in any way. I personally love to sport shoot, though it's been many many years since I've done so. I don't like crazy dudes in my woods shooting at whatever moves. So to save my own ass on my dusk run I grabbed one of the boy's beats and happily took off down the road.

Dear Santa, I need some new medium weight reflective gear.

As I turned the corner and headed west the sky was just such an amazing sight to behold! Yes, I killed my split on mile 2 but I don't care. It was too spectacular to pass up.

My Monday had gotten a lote pit of hand. This was exactly perfect for me to regain some perspective and kick myself back in line. Funny how that happens. 

This week's Tasty Tuesday feature comes from one of my favorite food blogs Skinny Taste. I've never made anything from her site  I didn't like. Recipes are kid approved too. Last week I made the Beef Barley Soup. Oh.my.good.heavens! It is fantastic! The boys devoured it! The soup is the right amount of savory and hearty and would be awesome with some crusty bread. We liked it so well they asked for it again this week. And I made it for them :)

Recipe Here


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  2. This soup looks yummy, Al. Sunsets have been outstanding this fall in the South, too. And orange is your color! Love

    1. Thanks, Hedy! J attacked it tonight after practice and now it's gone. They eat like moose, I tell you!


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