Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: Turkey Day Edition

My class is in the midst of preparing for our annual Holiday Store. Mass quantities of Christmas cookies have been made in the last 2 days. Snowmen have been painted and shellacked. Tart burners and candles are packed and priced. Multiple loads of towels have been dirtied, washed, folded and put away. What a busy 2 days! We are now on Thanksgiving break until Monday when, upon return, we will scramble to frost the cookies, make buckeyes and put all of the finishing touches on our goodies to sell on Friday. Did I mention our store takes place on December 5? Is it possible for next Friday to be December 5th? I don't even want to think about how close we are to Christmas. Nor do I want to think about how I have no shopping done. I may have to actually venture out on the interconnected web to scout for some deals for the boys. They aren't difficult to buy for there just isn't any surprise anymore. Gone are the days of the most cherished toys and games, though you can bet there will be at least one nerf brand item for each of them. J is getting his letter jacket, T wants some new sweatpants (his new love), and Coach is always happy with a bottle of the finest Bourbon and a dinner date with me. I have a few things in mind he doesn't know about yet. The weather has to cooperate with me this year.

The holiday feeling is in the air. Between the cold and snow, the Christmas cookie baking and the Christmas tree that appeared in the cafeteria today, I can't help but feel like it's getting to be that time. I hate that it's not December and I want to turn on the holiday music. My hard and fast rule has always been no Christmas until December, or at least until after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my favorite of the winter holidays simply because of the meaning. Sure, I love watching my kids at Christmas and all of the traditions surrounding the celebration of Christ's birth. But I love having a day for the family to get together, sit and laugh together without hurt feelings or anxiety over gifts and did I do enough, blah blah blah. Thanksgiving is about being grateful for one another. I love hosting in my home with both Coach's and my family. Yes, we all get along splendidly together. Again, I am truly blessed with a wonderful family. I look forward to spending time with them later this week.

In honor of my favorite holiday, I am sharing one of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes. I can't take credit for this one. It comes from Rachel Ray from the Food Network. Herb Roasted Turkey Breast  is so juicy and tender it never lasts for seconds. I don't make the gravy recipe she lists in the recipe, but I do end up making my own gravy (see below).

My favorite aspects of this dish are 1) you only need a turkey breast not a whole turkey, 2) it's easy, 3) it tastes really good, 4) the gravy is sooooo good with all of the herb flavors. I usually make and extra and stick it away so I have some for the rest of the weekend. :)

The boys love gray. I made a beef roast last night with oven roasted veggies and some gravy since I had so much broth from the roast. Gravy has this misconception of being difficult. It really isn't, but it does take some practice. I learned from the best; my Grandma who was an amazing cook. I helped with gravy every Christmas and Easter since I can remember. Her gravy was the most delicious of any I've ever had. Granted, Grandma used heavy cream in her gravy. You could hear everyone's arteries clogging with each bite. It's only a few times a year, right? Mine isn't so harmful. But the secret really is a good roux. When it's complete it's absolutely delicious.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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