Monday, November 3, 2014

The Power of a Positive Attitude

You know when you feel a cold coming on and you do everything you can to keep it from hitting you upside the head and you think you have it knocked out of the park? Then you decide to dust every surface in the house only to tick off the histamine receptors and boom! My head is plugged, nose is raw from running all day, and I'm frustrated with it already. I know it's making me grouchy. Try as I may, I did bite my son's head off while working out tonight. Truth be known, I didn't want to take him. I wanted to drop off T-man for practice and go back home and eat some food. J wanted to workout and my rebounding days are over on Monday with the official start of practice. Then his mouth and attitude took over and I lost it. Or so I thought...

Enter internal struggle. I look forward to letting off a little steam when I get home. I may have been a little fired up still when I started venting. Perhaps I went on a little too long. I don't recall having a bad day. Not even a mediocre day. Turns out my ranting must come off negative because it doesn't take long for it to rub off on everyone else. Pretty soon everyone is crabbing about this or that. I sincerely try to live a positive life. Smiles abound during the day. Kind words flow from my mouth instead of the sarcastic lingo floating around in my brain. So after a little heart to heart with my sons on the way home, I decided to take the November Thankfulness challenge to heart. No griping, grumbling, venting or complaining after school until I have announced at least one thing from my day I'm thankful for. That goes for everyone else in the car. If any of us still feel like we need to vent about something we have full permission to do so. Seems fair to me. They actually agreed it didn't sound bad. Huh. Go figure. Score one for mom today :)

So here we go. I am incredibly thankful that I had extra time with my boys tonight. They are such good boys and I'm so thankful I get to be their mama.

What are you thankful for?

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