Monday, December 15, 2014

Twas the Week Before Christmas

Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the house, not a snack or a cookies in nearest sight, not even one sugary bite.  Baking is my favorite! I'm sad I haven't had time to bake yet this holiday season. It's all I can do to meal prep for the week let alone do anything extra.

The weekends go too fast! Last week was our hell week; finals for me, ball games every night but Friday, choir concerts Tuesday and Wednesday, meetings in between. What a mess! We survived but crashed this past weekend. If only I could clone myself to be in two places at once. Or at least figure out how to get one of me home to relax and get a little sleep! Whew! This week isn't as crazy, though still busy. I'm super thankful we don't have to be on the go like that all of the time. As much as I hate having to choose between kids, there's no way that pace and schedule can be maintained without ending up in the hospital for exhaustion.

The Christmas holiday always makes me reflective and a tad bit sentimental, especially as of late. There has been such sadness in the past weeks. Several friends have lost parents. A local young lady was trapped and died in a house fire. A cousin has kicked breast cancer's tail (Hooray!). A dear friend has been afflicted by an autoimmune something or other. What's the deal? Life is incredibly fragile. We are all so young to be living through these things. Those of us in the under 40 set are battling for good health. The ladies who took care of ailing mothers, just as those mothers once took care of them. And the unfathomable loss of a young life, taken much too soon from those who loved her most. We can try to stay healthy and young. Use the best creams, the latest workouts, the trendiest eating habits, but for what? We have no say in this adventure called life. It's not up to us. The only thing we have control over is how we handle the situations thrown at us. It doesn't hurt anything to attempt to stay healthy and young. It may not help us much, either. What good does guilt do for us? What good is unnecessary stress? The key is to enjoy this life while we have it. It's a pretty amazing gift we have been given. What a waste to spend it being bitter and nasty about life and circumstances.

Life is beautiful! Live it out loud, full of spirit and gladness.

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