Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Workout Wednesday: My New Love

Sad news, workout fans. Les Mills and Beachbody are parting ways. Not before I snagged Pump on the Black Friday special though. Score for me! The good news for all of you is there are still some left to purchase. Plus it's on sale for the time being. Double score. Needless to say, this week's Workout Wednesday post is all about Les Mills Pump.

This program is amazing. I haven't done a weight program like this before. Weights are my thing. I love programs that include lifting. True, I've only competed the first week, but everything I've done thus far is blowing me away. The feeling after an intense workout is one of the best ever. My quads were still juiced this morning from my workout last night. It's already doing great things for my strength after just 5 workouts.

- The sets are simple
- Clear instructions
- Modifiers are visible throughout.
- Weights are light and easy to switch out when needed.
- Can add weights when needed
- Mix of Instructors throughout the workout keeping it fresh.
- Wonderful stretching/Yoga workout included
- Ab workout is amazing.
- Eating plan has a nice variety and packed with high protein ideas
- Easy program for a beginner to use and modify, yet tough enough for seasoned athletes.
- Music!! The Music is great!
- Rep effect really makes you sweat just until you think you can't do one more rep, then switches up. Holy juiced muscles!
- Great mix of upper, lower, and core body work in one workout.

- Not much stretching pre and post workout
- Beginning "Challenge" workout is pretty repetitive when introducing lunges. Would rather they addressed that prior to the workout rather than during. But I've been doing this a while so it's probably great for a beginner.
-  No longer going to be part of Beachbody. I guess I'll be ordering some extra equipment & the bonus workouts.

So far I have paired this with my P90X3. Since you only lift 3-4 days a week and do cardio and stretching the other 3 days it matches up pretty well. I don't want to give up P90X3 as I'm in the final phase of that program and I want to finish it this time. I've been doing doubles for the last several weeks anyway so this is just a twist on that. I'm really seeing some nice results. The final phase is always my favorite. It's always where I see the most results. Bring on the good fitness for the holidays!

Interested in learning more about Les Mills? Want to take advantage of the great deal right now while they last? Leave me a message below, email me ( or check out the deal here. It's never too early (or too late) to give yourself the gift of good health.

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