Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday is back for another round. Sometimes passionate doesn't begin to describe how I feel about purposeful movement. I should be the most toned, fit person ever considering all of the fit research I do. This week's feature is one I was hesitant about. I had fully planned another program to review until I listened to a podcast about Shaun T's newest Insanity workout called Insanity Max 30. Honestly, Insanity wasn't my most favorite workout. There are many reasons for that, the biggest being the impact. The program is great and has worked wonders for a good many people (results don't lie- you can't cheat your way through that program and get results). It just wasn't for me. When I heard about Max 30 I just pushed it to the back of my mind thinking it wasn't going to make my list of things to try, unlike Les Mill Pump and P90X2.

- Modifiers!
One thing I think Beachbody has done well along the way is including modifiers to show different ways to do things. Insanity Max 30 has taken that concept to the next level and included a modifier on the screen at all times. That's one of my pet-peeves when I need to watch the modifier to be sure I'm doing something correctly and the camera goes to someone else after only one repetition of the move. It's super beneficial to see that modifier throughout the exercise. S/he may reposition a stance or grip which you would ordinarily miss in a typical workout.

-Modifiers are encouraged
This encouragement isn't to scare anyone away. Let's face it: a lot of us get discouraged because we can't do the moves just as the participants straight out of the box. We lose sight of the fact they have been in training groups to get ready for the filming of this workout. We don't suck. We all need to do things differently to achieve optimum form and performance. Consider it workout differentiation. Making it work for each person who does the workout, just as if you were in an academic class.

-30 minutes or less
This 30 minute workout business has been the bees knees. No longer do you have to dedicate an hour or more to workout. Workouts are designed so you max out within 30 minutes. That doesn't mean you will be workout the entire 30 minutes. You are going max speed, max intensity for each move with a short recovery time in between. You'll be d-o-n-e. I love these tabata style workouts. You really feel like you've gotten a good sweat when you finish.

-Straightforward workout and nutrition plan.
 Let's face it. If it's not easy, you're not gonna do it. Am I right? That's how it goes for me. The less I have to think about it the better.  The nutrition plan is great. It's easy to follow. And yes, for ultimate results follow the nutrition plan. Abs start in the kitchen.

-60 days
Just 2 short months. 12 workouts. 2 different rotations. Bonus workouts.

- Impact. Yes, there are modifiers and you can easily make it low impact. There are some high impact moves. As long as you do what you can do there is no down side. Use the modifiers.  That's why they are there.

- It's fast
Like Shaun T's other programs it moves. If you have trouble keeping up with fast tempo this will take some time to get the hang of. Moves aren't complex or dancy. The workout will keep a quick pace. But it will be over quickly!

Just trying to keep it real.

This is a great time to get a jump start on your fitness for 2015. Right now the challenge pack is highly discounted: Insanity Max 30 with a month of Shakeology plus the bonus workouts for $95 off the regular price! That's like getting the entire Insanity Max 30 workout program for $25! What an amazing deal!

Have questions? A suggestion for a workout Wednesday review? Email me at and let me know what you'd like to see featured.

30 minutes. INSANE results.

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