Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cold Cold Cold!

We've got an Alberta Clipper moving through the Hoosier state this week. School was canceled today and is for tomorrow as well. The one saving grace: the sun has been shining its heart out. For some reason that makes the cold more tolerable to me. As long as I see sun all is right in the world. Or at least in my world. 

What is it about cold,weather that makes baking seem like a logical choice? I just want to bake sweet things. Cookies. Cakes. Brownies. You name it I'll bake it. Instead I resisted the urge for junk and focused on supper. I had chicken thighs in the fridge that had to be used today. Thighs aren't my favorite but Coach loves thighs. And legs. And pretty much all of the chicken. Thighs are definitely his fave. He always wants the, fried. I don't do fried chicken. Like ever. The smoky house, the grease splatter, the mess. No Thanks. His mom makes the best fried chicken (according to him because again it's not my favorite) and I'm not about to compete with Nana's fried chicken. What does any self respecting wife do when looking for supper inspiration? Why Pinterest of course! 

Paprika, especially smoked paprika, is so good on chicken. I did a little search and I found a perfect cold weather comfort food dish of my go-to food blogs, The Reluctant Entertainer. It's not a quick fix necessarily but Iits not difficult at all. 'm fairly confident you could create in the crockpot for a busy day. I shad time and all ingredients to make as described. I served it with Jasmine rice and there were no leftovers. Honestly, it was better once it had cooled. Come on now, every good cook tastes as they cook to adjust seasoning. It was good hot, but better just warm. Definitely a make again dish. 

What's one of your favorite healthy comfort meals? Do share. I'm home again tomorrow and have no leftovers :)

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