Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dog Gone Winter

My dog is a big brown love machine. She has those big brown lab eyes that make me want to squeeze her around the neck and taker her with me everywhere I go. Kinda like having another kid some days.  She is stubborn, independent, but wants my attention and approval at all times.

Loyal. She's waiting in the front of the house every afternoon when I arrive home from work. She stays at the house when I run if the boys are home alone.

Protector. Brownie would protect us from whatever or whomever she feels is a threat, which is pretty much everyone who isn't here on a consistent basis. She also protects my in-laws. Mind you they are almost a half mile down the road; a pasture field away from our house. It doesn't matter to her. The UPS man pulls in and she's off like a Derby horse to the finish line to get a sniff of him and growl like she's tough. Truth be told she's more afraid of him than anything.

Lover. Doesn't matter how hot it is outside, she's on top of me with me on the blanket sunning in the summer. In the winter she's stealing the sled from us and running away from on the hill with us while we sled. Sometimes she's on the sled with us. We wouldn't dare to try without her. When I'm working at the table she's on my feet keeping them nice and warm. She always looks like she's smiling at us :)

Smelly. The dog loves to swim. And roll in dirt. And roll in things that aren't dirt. And eat garbage that gives her incredibly foul gas. She scared me to death last week when she gorged herself on people food and got garbage gut. Poor girl was miserable. What followed after the 24 hour fast could have been used in an atomic missile. She could have peeled 90 year old paint with her hind end. She went outside.

We don't normally keep her in the house, save for when the weather is brutal like this. The rule is she has to have a bath before she can stay. She most definitely stays outside in the summer because of her swimming habits in our mucky pond. Eww.

The other day she decided to be independent. She missed her four-legged friends at the barn and she didn't come up at supper time so she spent a few nights in the barn. The barn is great. Lots of straw, the perfect temperature for her & all of her fur, and hanging out with the horse. Except now she smells like the hind end of the horse and refuses to take a bath.

Pinterest to the rescue!  Search: How to bathe a dog without struggle
Results: Doggie Dry Shampoo
Click: 1 box baking soda, a few drops of essential oil (optional), dog brush

Done and Done. It's not perfect, but she's brushed (and vacuumed) thoroughly enough to meet the sniff approval and not stink up the joint too badly. Thank goodness for the ShopVac!  She was in heaven with all the brushing and vacuuming. We laughed the entire time we were rubbing in the baking soda, brushing & sweeping her coat. Now to clean all of the dog hair off of every surface it has statically attached itself to... But she's worth it, the big brown turkey.

Who can resist this face? 

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