Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Workout Wednesday: Fixing My Nutrition

I've been lifting like a mad woman, 4 days per week, using Les Mills Pump over the last 4 weeks. I love it and how strong I feel! My legs and arms are really getting nicely toned. Unfortunately, my middle fluffy section isn't following suit. I decided to look at my nutrition again. I haven't been drinking my calories, eating a ton of crap or sugary stuff yet I seem to struggle with this roll of jelly around the middle. Nut my food prep has been lax. I haven't been as prepared the last two weeks as I have been in the past. and I've started really tracking my calorie intake using MyFitnesPal and recalculated my macros on iifym. It's definitely time to rein it in again.

Sidebar: This is where I kind of struggle with this whole being fit process. Losing weight isn't a priority so much. It's more of a redistribution of weight. The number on the scale is ok. It's a happy place. I know there's muscle there. I don't want to lose that. I don't want to lose my curves. The fact that I can keep curves and still look athletic and strong is something I've been genetically blessed with. I've been through the whole no eating, and eating-purging thing and these hips are here to stay. The concern lies with being truly healthy. Plus there's that thing in the back of my head that is constantly saying I've done it before and I can do it again- only this time keep it that way.

I've really struggled with food, specifically not eating enough. My days are so busy most days I don't even have time to take a lunch. I inhale some food during CNN Student News and our Daily Events time. Sometimes it's Shakeology at 10 and celery with hummus or peanut butter at 1. An apple or an orange somewhere in between. I know this isn't good. I know I need to eat more. The crazy thing is I thought I was making up for this at night when I make supper, but I'm not! I'm consistently 300 or more calories away from my target. Isn't that crazy?! I love to eat but I'm not eating enough at the right times or in the right combinations. What's up with that!

21 Day Fix Extreme just came out this month and I'm thinking it's just what I need to get back on track with my food. I'm good at planning. Food prep is my thing, despite sucking at it lately. My workouts are on point, or they were last week, but I'm not beating myself up about that. 21 Day Fix may be just what I need to make sure I'm getting the right nutrients at the right intervals throughout the day. Taking the guesswork out of that part of my life is a welcome thought, especially with all of the chaos for the next month. Colored containers for each serving of each nutrient are a part of the program. The food guide has everything you need to train for a bikini competition or just lose that last 10 pounds. That and have you seen any of the workouts? The Dirty 30? Um, sure! This chic is tough! 

What would you like to know about 21 Day Fix?

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