Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sweet Treats

It's spring break here in the land of bipolar weather patterns we had 4 inches of wet, heavy snow yesterday and tomorrow is forecasted to be sunny and 63. You just never know what it may do from day to day. 

One well loved thing about spring break is that most of the drive in root beer & icecream shops open. We've been known to be ok winter coats and car heater cranking while telling the car hop which of our favorite flavors we would like, shivering the whole way home. It's like a right of passage into spring really. Icecream is not my friend, especially since eliminating dairy, wheat & sugar from my diet. I can't say I crave it at all. If much rather have a grilled cheese sandwich than an icecream cone. 

The other day my oldest was complaining about not having any icecream in the freezer (because he ate the entire half gallon in one sitting last weekend). Being the great mother that I am (cough-cough), I told him I'd whip up a chocolate Shakeology with Greek yogurt and frozen strawberries. Then I decided something lemon sounded good and I started thinking about what I had on hand to make sorbet or some kind of fruit purée. Sorbet has simple syrup in it and with the whole no sugar 21 Day Fix thing, lemon sorbet seemed to be out of the question.

I kept thinking. I had frozen bananas. Frozen strawberries. Frozen blueberries. Fresh lemons and limes. Almond-coconut milk. I really wanted lemon something. I grabbed the food processor and 2 frozen bananas. I grabbed a lemon, seated the whole thing, and squeezed every bit of juice out of it, about 3 tablespoons. I put the juice & zest in with the bananas and added a splash of almond-coconut milk and puréed. I had to stop and chunk my bananas with a spoon at one point and added another smal splash of almond milk. It was so good! Seriously like lemon sorbet without the sugar. And totally 21 Day Fix approved. Half of the contents of the bowl for my purple container for a fruit serving. If I'd had mint I would have garnished with a sprig. My son said it was better than fudge icecream. I had to ask him to repeat himself. Ha! 

The next time you're looking for that little something sweet and don't want to wreck you eating plan, whip up this little beauty. You can thank me later. 


  1. That sounds great, Alison, but I cannot imagine you not fixing homemade ice cream the old fashion way. I remember eating it a dorm room a time or two! I do admire your determination with the 21 Day program. Miss you, Hedy

  2. Thanks, Hedy! The real stuff is amazing for sure. I miss our milk! We had a fresh cow this winter for a few days. The warm, fresh milk reminded me of all of the batches of homemade ice cream we've made. Miss you too!!


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