Friday, March 6, 2015


Let's be honest. You can't get healthy until you are honest with yourself about your habits. Case in point: I have been working on cleaning up my food choices and healthy habits since, well, forever, but hard core since last May. I cut sugar, processed stuff, most gluten and had some success. More recently I added a few things in just trying to get enough calories to fuel my workouts. To be completely honest, I was tracking most of my food. I was working out most days in a week at a mostly high intensity. I still wasn't seeing the results I wanted. The fluff wasn't leaving despite the heavy lifting, despite the increased veggies and less sugar. But when you aren't completely honest with yourself, you can't ever clear those speed bumps keeping you from your pinnacle. 

21 Day Fix Extreme has brought me more success in just 5 days than in 6 weeks of just working out and eating a little better was doing for me. Yes, the workouts are more intense but the game changer has been the containers. Having the specific portion containers to gain perspective of how much is one serving has really brought things together for me. I have more than enough food in a day. No, there's no wine or chocolate in this version, but it's only 21 days.  Just 3 little weeks. I can do that! Plus I have friends doing it with me. Even more reason to follow through.

I understand why people have had so much success with the original 21 Day Fix program, and now with the Extreme program. I can't wait to compare my beginning pictures to my ending pictures. This one is a complete Game Changer! 

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