Saturday, April 4, 2015

Be Soft

This quote from Kurt Vonnegut moved me deeply this afternoon. It may be redundant to even describe my feelings. If you listened to the news at all in the last week, you have likely heard about the chaos that is Indiana politics. My heart is heavy with the hate that swirls in the media. I am deeply saddened that anyone would think it's ok to make legislation to perpetuate hate toward anyone. Keeping citizens from living an authentic life driven by their faith, morals and beliefs is just wrong to me. This after a rather tumultuous fall and winter with criticisms of teachers and education and previously approved state contractors. It becomes easy to feel angry and bitter. To feel like these are personal attacks against me as an educator and citizen of Indiana.

I've said it before; it's not that I want to live life as an ostrich, head buried in the sand. It's more of making sure I don't take things to heart. I can only control myself, my emotions and reactions. I can call, write, make appearances at local events. I can not think for anyone else. I can only think for myself.

Despite all of the ugly things going on around us we are surrounded by beauty. I was raised Catholic and this weekend we celebrate one of the greatest gifts of all; Salvation from our sins. I don't consider myself a highly religious person by any means. I was taught to love others and do unto them as I would have done unto me. I do my best to follow those rules each day and in doing so I have learned to recognize the beauty around me. Each day is filled with beautiful people, things, events, sounds, sights, experiences. Each day is a gift. We are not promised tomorrow, only today. This very moment is an awesome adventure. Love one another, friends.

Be soft. Be sweet. Believe it to be a beautiful place.

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