Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hitting the Nail on the Head

My blog isn't the only thing being neglected lately. Personal development lacks the attention needed to make this more than a group of words on a list of things I chose to make a priority this year. As much as I didn't want to make it a big deal, the events that occurred following a few posts have made me question myself and my goals for this forum. This was originally just a venue for me to write about the chaos I call life. It has turned into a recipe sharing, fitness loving, sometimes needing to vent in black and white journal of sorts. Turns out I have more than a few readers and for that I am extremely grateful. I don't need any kind of validation that my words matter, but knowing that people have noticed has made me cautious of what I share and the manner in which I write about it. Life isn't sunshine and rainbows all the time. My goal has always been to share life's struggles as much as life's successes. I've had to really look at how transparent I can be without hurting those I care about. If you could see all of the posts I've begun and never posted! I wouldn't care about it if I wasn't raising a family, but it's not that simple. Despite friends who encourage me to continue to be transparent in the name of truth setting us free (thank you for the encouragement!), I'm afraid I can no longer do that without jeopardizing my relationships with those most important to me.

That being said, I did some catching up on my personal development yesterday. One of my favorite sources of inspiration and development is Chalene Johnson's Chalene Show podcast. This particular podcast featured author and podcaster Michael Hyatt. They were talking about setting goals and being honest with yourself about your goals. One thing that stuck with me was Michael talking about being honest when you know things aren't working and the need to address them head on. For him it was talking to a business partner about leaving their company. It turned out he was able to give his partner some really great ideas for the direction of the business that proved to be successful for everyone. Nothing important happens in the comfort zone. It is important for us to continue to learn and grow. Part of that growth comes from being uncomfortable. For me, not being transparent is uncomfortable but is completely necessary for me to learn and grow my garden of skills to be successful in the future. It also requires me to be totally honest with myself and those around me. Some very uncomfortable conversations are coming. I HATE confrontation so this is going to be tough for me but I know it's essential for my professional and personal growth.

Being uncomfortable does not equate unhappy. Happiness doesn't come from arriving at a destination. The happiness comes from the journey to the destination. We have to make the most of things while in flight. That's where the growth comes from. We only get one life and we aren't promised tomorrow. I can only make the most of today. I'm going to continue to dream big and not listen to other's negative voices saying I can't. That's a pretty amazing way to live if you ask me.

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