Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Attitude of Grattitude

I could complain about my raspy voice, sore throat and tender ears. It's been a week. I could definitely gripe about it today. But, I realized didn't notice any discomfort until about an hour ago.

I could complain that half of my class skipped school today to avoid the project we were to begin today, but those who showed up today were rewarded and we had fun and awesomely fantastic day!

I could complain about missing my little guy's choir concert, but I've been able to peek in twice this week during rehearsals and heard several of the songs. The best part was when he saw me in the hall, smiled, waved and called out, "Hi, Mom!" He melts my heart, my little man.

I could complain about having to go back to class tonight for summer session, but I would rather be in the classroom than the online version we did last semester. I saw friends, took some notes, and reveled in the fact I only have 5 weeks left of this little adventure. I'd never dreamed a year ago I'd be doing this! In a matter of weeks I'll be applying for this addition to my professional educator's license.

I could complain about the 2 hours I spent on the road tonight going to and from said class, but that was time I was able to catch up on my favorite podcast. It reminded me of the need to make time for that at least once each week. I miss that time to think and grow. That time to be still is critical for me. I made a time in my schedule to listen each week when I got home.

There are so many things I could complain about, but there are so many more things to be grateful for the complaints seem inconsequential. I can't help but sit in awe of the wonderful things that occur around me, to me, with me each day. I think it's pretty cool I don't have to go far to see beauty.

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