Monday, June 15, 2015

Fuel Our Bodies

Happy Monday everyone! My class is winding down but the work load is kicking my tail. I'll be so glad when this is finished next week. My licensing exam awaits me later this morning. I'm not really nervous and I pray it goes well. That's $120 I don't want to spend again. All of this work makes summer feel like it's catapulting past me. {Sigh} That's how it goes I guess.  Time needs to slow down. Right after I get this assignment done. 

On to today's rant. Nope, the above wasn't it. You can thank me later. LOL

I believe I've spoken to this a few times before. Food as fuel has been a struggle. As I run challenge groups it seems to revisit conversation. Why is it so difficult to break the thought of food being a reward or punishment? I hear my own voice say things like, "I need to be good. I had a cookie this afternoon", or "I've burned extra calories so I can reward myself with an few bites of that cookie dough".  UGH! This is not what food is all about! 

Is it a midwest thing? Food has always been the center of life.  Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, first lost tooth-- We must have food! Someone died? We'd better make food. It's cold outside. I know the best food for that. It's hot outside? Wouldn't you know, I have food for that too. Enough already! This is not what food is supposed to be about. Yes, it's great to enjoy it. Yes, I'm so very thankful to have more than enough to eat. We are blessed to have our own meat and vegetables at our disposal. I don't believe the abundance is what causes us to overeat. It's more the emotion that goes with the food. It's just what we have always done. Retraining my brain to think differently, to look at food neither as reward nor punishment, has been one of the biggest challenges of my life. Even bigger than that is not perpetuating that punishment/reward system with my children so they can have a healthy relationship with food. It's a conscious effort to replay that script in my mind every time I eat. This is fuel for my body. Work with positive statements. Using the word "don't" puts the focus on the negative action leading to more thoughts of the undesired behavior. Your brain actually thinks of the undersired behavior first and doesn't comprehend the "don't" until after. Ever wonder why a toddler throws the toy right after you say, "don't throw that toy"? Yeah, he heard, "throw the toy". He doesn't understand don't until after he's thrown the toy. {Insert rant-- all those thousands of dollars on psychology classes and master's degrees and I learned that in a podcast. SMH-- End rant} 

So your faced with the cookie. Instead of saying "Don't eat the cookie. The cookie is bad" tell yourself the positive outcome you want. "I will eat food that fuels my body and makes me feel good. (insert food name here) makes me feel strong and healthy. I will eat said food and feel fantastic."
Sounds corny, I know. You don't have to say it out loud. Just your internal monologue. It takes practice. The not-so-great habits didn't form overnight and neither will this one. Kick that little negative voice in the butt and love your food and yourself.

Are you looking for a positive attitude adjustment? I have a challenge group beginning in July. Send me a message ( or leave a comment below for more info!

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  1. Positive messages and so much better, be we young or old. Thanks, Alison. Love ya!


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