Thursday, July 16, 2015

What's Stopping You?

We didn't have a lot when I was growing up but I don't remember ever going without anything. We had enough. Life was good and my childhood was happy and carefree. I had some pets, 40 acres of land around the house as my playground, awesome grandparents, a sand pile & garden hose, and lots of freedom to explore, build and imagine. I could ride my bike the 2 miles to town, grab a library book and a candy bar, play at the school playground with friends and ride home when I was done. I'd never dream of letting my kids do that now. Times and towns are so different and may be a tad bit protective of my kids.

There is no denying I'm a Daddy's Girl. I got a good one. He's kind, thoughtful and good at so many handy things. He's devout in his faith and made sure that my brother, sister and I all had the best opportunities to learn and explore faith as well. The lessons he's taught go well beyond any classroom I've been in. He taught me the value of working hard to achieve a goal; to pay my bills on time; balance my checkbook; take care of my car (anyone who knows him or has seen his truck knows the irony in this statement); to travel every time I have the chance; the value of education- there's no limit to learning; the best beer is a bottle pulled from a icy cooler on a hot summer day; Euchre is the best card game on the planet when you're winning. The biggest lesson he's taught has been not letting fear stop me from doing things. His famous line when I go to him for advice about an idea is "What's stopping you?" It always stops me in my tracks. I know it's coming. I can hear him say it in my mind when contemplating something. But he's the one I can talk to rationally, without judgement and questioning what I'm thinking. The sounding board and rock I depend on so often. He's my guy.

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