Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Morning Workouts

Those of you who get up early and workout are my heroes. Maybe it's because I'm a teacher and my workday starts at 7:45. Maybe it's because I'm a night owl by nature. I get up between 5:30-5:45 as it is. I'm just not a morning workout person.That's not to say I'm not a morning person; I typically get up easily, especially when my diet is clean and I'm working out regularly. I like meandering around in the morning, enjoying my coffee and breakfast, taking a shower, making lunches and so forth. I would like to be that morning workout person but sleep is just so much more appealing.

Thinking about getting up to workout at 5am is, well, terrible. My body feels sluggish and blah when I try to workout in the morning. I've read all of the great stuff out there about morning workouts. Yes, I know my metabolism will be crazy high if I workout in the morning. And supposedly I'll be less likely to miss a workout if I complete it first thing in the morning. Whatever. I get my workouts done. Coach and I got a good 4 mile walk in already but now I need my arm & shoulder workout. Yet, here I am, 9:30pm and just getting started with my tough workout because I decided to blog first. Procrastination? Maybe. Too late? Maybe. It's probably not the best to workout at 9:30pm either. It seems to work for me--at least most of the time.

So tonight, I will set my alarm once again, leave my computer, clothes and shoes in ready position, all with the intention of an early morning workout, only to ignore it until my next alarm goes off. Sigh. Suck it up buttercup. Just get it done, right?

Are you a early morning workout person? How do you power through the blah morning feelings and jump start a great workout?

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