Sunday, August 16, 2015

Inagural Stream of Consciousness Sunday

There's this cool blog I like to read called All Things Fadra. She's a funny. She's smart. She makes me think. I feel like if I really knew her we'd be bff's. Not kidding. He snarky humor is right up my alley. Can I say I really like her without sounding creepy? No?

I've been reading her Stream of Consciousness Sunday posts for quite a while now thinking I should really jump on and try this out. 5 minutes of random writing. Just sharing what's on my mind. Right up my alley. And then I don't. I don't know why. Other than I don't follow through. Ugh. Why does that always happen. Plan, plan, plan, plan and plan some more, only to drop off about 5 weeks in falling into previous habits and ditching all the stuff I've worked so hard to implement. It happens with everyone but my family; the highest of priorities in my life. I've really been looking hard at this aspect of my life. It's one I really need to fix. And by fix, I mean really look at my priorities, my definition of success and how I want to reach those goals.

So today's the day. I'm following through with it. That's part of what makes this post perfect. I have only a few minutes to write about whatever is on my mind and then I'm done. No over thinking daily posts, just randomness. You're welcome! Visit her blog, write your own and join the fun!

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  1. Welcome to Stream of Consciousness Sunday (a week late)! I plan, plan, plan too and have the best of intentions only to fall down. I do it every day and all the time. And by the way, I'm always in the market for a BFF ;)


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