Sunday, September 6, 2015

Headache of All Headaches

This is my 5 minutes of random thoughts for the day. 

Thank goodness for a long weekend! It's arrived just in time. I don't normally get headaches, and certainly not migraine headaches. I used to get them when I was in high school and college (until I changed my eating and eliminated dairy) but I can count on one hand how many I have had since then. The weather has been uber hot and sticky- temps in the high 80's with heat indexes in the 90's and 50-90% humidity on any given day. Tuesday was a rather chaotic day and that afternoon we were on the bus to a cross country meet and I could feel the dull pain behind my right eye- always and indication of something coming on- and I started drinking more water and took some ibuprofen. Despite the hydration, I could feel the stabbing pain on the way home from the meet. I almost had to have my son drive us home!

So all week I've been nursing this dull throb in my skull. What I thought was dehydration and stress is maybe not that. I've never taken anything more than otc pain relievers for a headache. The worst part, and the thing I've never experienced with a migraine is nausea. I'm used to light and sound sensitivities but not the nausea. This makes things 10x's worse.

I've used some essential oils, taken my magnesium supplements, stopped my screen time as much as possible, continued my workouts (it's the only thing that gives me relief other than sleeping) and I've been sleeping a ton. It's starting to worry me. My next stop will be to have my back adjusted.

Anyone have any remedies for migraines? What do I need to try?

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